Spaceship “Book Title” Contest

For a passive program this summer I have covered a white spaceship we bought from Orential Trading with pictures from children book jackets. I made a master list of book titles and numbered them, then cut out the pictures from the book jackets placing a number on each picture to match my master list.

We always give away bikes each summer after summer reading. I will give each student another chance to win a bike if they will try to guess as many book titles as possible.

Have fun this summer!


The Woods by Rob Hodgson

Three foxes are looking for rabbits. They look high and low after finding a sign, which points to the woods, saying RABBITS. They can’t find them but they are there following the foxes.

I love the animals that are in shapes, circle, square, and rectangle. Give the students shapes to make their foxes and rabbits.

Paper shape Foxes

Three Silly Foxes

By Vicky Manning

Three Silly foxes hunting in the trees

One is climbing

One is trotting

One is running

And then they all Freeze!

Popsicle Treehouse

The book I’m showcasing today is

The Tallest Tree House by Elly MacKay

Mip and Pip have a contest on who could build the tallest tree house. One is a planner and the other is a speedster. What is going to happen when a big wind blows through?

This book screams stem project! I work with younger children and I will find a way for them to build a treehouse. Sitting here thinking we will most likely make ours from card board boxes. I will post a picture in the future of our treehouse.

Below is a treehouse made with popsicle sticks. I would have a contest on building a treehouse. Divide the class into groups of four. Let them come together to plan how they want to build their treehouse. They will be responsible for the materials and will be given a portion of their classroom time each day to work on the project.


Climbing Trees

By Vicky Manning

Here we go climb up the trees.

Here we go climb up the trees.

Here we go climb up the trees.

All on a Saturday morning!

Here we come down the trees.

Here we come down the trees.

Here we come down the trees.

Oh, my I fell on my knees

2nd Preschool Story – Baby Powder Skating

By Vicky Manning

I’m still fighting a chest infection at home. I feel some what better! today I washed my two dogs, and gave them their summer cut. This time of the year is the time my husband usually gets the colds. I’m the lucky one this year.

Here is another preschool story from my teaching days.

It had been a long week of cold rain. The class was going stir crazy as was I. I look through one of my preschool books I bought from Teacher’s Pet. The children were sleeping and I had promised them we were going to have a fun activity waiting for them after nap.

I came across what I thought was easy for me to set up. As I read the whole page I saw I had all the materials I needed, wax paper, masking tape, baby powder. I read over the directions for this inside ice skating event, or I should say baby powder…. on I don’t want to go there just yet!

The class woke up and one child thank me for not playing my classical music at nap time. The day before I turned the radio on and the music was great until Psycho, from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, was playing their theme song. I was sitting at my desk working on my next month’s class plans. A little hand touched my back, “Ms Vicky, I’m scared,” he said.

“What is the matter?”

“The lady is screaming and the music is scary,” he said.

I rushed over and turned the music off and he slept the rest of his nap in my lap.

Back to the afternoon skating adventure. My class watched as I moved all the table and chairs to the side. I told them to not put on their shoes and to keep their socks on because we were going to skate in the classroom.

One of my students told me we would need roller skates to skate and I told her not today, in my classroom. They watched as I placed the wax paper to the floor and taped it down till I has a nice big square. Then I put a small layer of baby powder across the wax paper.

The class stood on the paper as I told them how to move their feet in a skating motion. They followed my directions but the paper did not seem as slick as it should be. So I told everyone to get off a minute and I would put down more baby powder.

They returned to the paper and it was slicker and they were slipping and sliding and having a big old time as a white cloud began to whirl around them. A few of the children started coughing. I opened the door and told the students to line up at the door we were going to the next room or to the hall.

I shut the door to baby powder bomb cloud! It was all in my room! I guess that last bit of baby powder was not a good idea. I went to my Director who was never surprised by my clever class plans. I told her I found a cool idea in one of my preschool books for the class but it didn’t go so well.

She walked to the class with me and I know she really did not want to open the door but she did.

“Yes, Vicky you are right it did not go so well.”

“I guess I had better open a few windows and get the classes shoes and bags for home. We can stay in the room next to us.”

“That’s a good idea, and Vicky, you might want to scratch out the skating activity for future classroom plans.”

I heard her chuckling as she walked away. I loved that woman and one day wanted to be just like her.

By the way this idea was going okay until I put more baby powder on the wax paper. Lesson learned for this big preschooler, follow directions!

Preschool Story

I have not been at work most of the week. Being sick is not fun but it gives you the rest I think most of us never take time to do. Anyway, I thought I would type up a story about a past job.

Twenty-five years ago I was working at Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo, Ms. My job was a preschool teacher for a class of three year olds. this story makes me smile now when I think about it but back then it was very stressful.

One morning I came in to work in a pretty good mood. Some of my class was sitting in the hall with another preschool teacher. I told her I was going to my room for a minute before bringing my class back. Once in the room I noticed the window was open and there was a chair in front of it. I went over to remove the chair and shut the window. On the window’s edge was a doll barely hanging on. I laughed and removed the doll but before I turned around I noticed a nice big pile of toys on the concrete below the window.

My day began right then and there. I looked around the room and realized a little person had been in the room and I think they might have left me this nice little surprise. So I calmly went to the teacher who was watching my class. I asked her if she had missed anyone from my group before I came in. She said no, everyone was here and accounted for. Then she gave me that look of a deer in the head light, like you knew she was thinking about what she had just told me.

I was not shocked when she told me that two of my young men did go to the bathroom for a few minutes. I looked at the two boys and asked them if the bathroom was the only place they visited and one shook his head up and down and one shook his head from side to side. “I was wondering if you might have seen two little men in our room throwing toys out the window?”

Both boys stopped shaking their heads and looked at the teacher who let them go to the bathroom. Now if you was a student in my room you might could get away with somethings but a lie would put you in our, thinking chair. The thinking chair was my version of the timeout chair.

A timeout chair usually got me and the student in more trouble that a thinking chair. The timeout chair was there for you to watch as others played and you sat there for sometime by yourself. The thinking chair was a chair you went to and had to tell the story to your teacher about what happen and why you thought it was a good idea to do whatever you did, that was obviously not okay.

Anyway back to the toys on the concrete, they needed attention. Both boys said they were the two little men who threw the toys out the window. I sent them and the class to the room with my assistant. The boys went to the thinking chair while I went out to pick up the toys.

I came back in the room with the toys in a basket and my preschool Director behind me. She had seen me picking up the toys outside and lovingly told me that maybe I should have had the boys to pick up the toys. I agreed after I thought about it. She said something to the boys and then left the room for me to talk to the boys.

Before I talk to them, this was not one of my best days but I was trying, I took the basket of toys to the window, open the window, and pitched every toy back out the window. Some of the children who had no idea what had happen stood still looking at me. One little girl started crying because I had pitched her favorite doll out. Before I could console her a parent came through my classroom door with her late child. She came straight to me and asked if I was okay and I said sure, why? She said, “Well I was driving by and I saw you throwing toys out the window!”

“Guilty as charged,” I told her.

“Well, why?”

I went on to tell her all that had happened and she began to laugh. During our conversation my two little boys in the thinking chairs were getting restless and you never give them that much time! The mother noticed I had left our conversation and was fix-stated on the boys. She left the room quickly wishing me a better day.

Three people learned lessons on that morning, me being one of the three. The boys learned they needed to do as they are told for their own safety and I learned that everything is a teaching moment for the young and old. I needed to always remember those teaching moments and not miss any of them.

So I wonder was those two young men sitting in the thinking chair thinking they had got away with picking up all the toys they had pitched out the window? Not when there was a special woman, that I happen to work for making sure all her children were learning many lessons of life.

Really miss those days sometimes.


We are getting ready for summer reading! I had some items come in the mail for one event. I love all the programs we plan. Every Thursday a special program is held downstairs with the summer’s theme in mind. We usually have over 300 students attending.

This year I have three maker’s space events, a Star Wars event, and a play in July. I guess you can see my summer’s fly by.

Today I have a new book to share with you called Raj and the Best Day Ever! By Sebastien Braun

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can have fun without spending money?” Well I heard it a great deal of the time growing up because we did not have a lot of money. In this book, Raj and his Dad plan to have a great day in town. Dad forgets his billfold so they have no money, but you can enjoy the day without money, right?  They go to the park and float a boat and then make a picture on the ground with nature items. While eating a picnic lunch the wind blows their list of things do. Dad holds up Raj to get the list out of the tree but a bird beats him to the list, takes it and flies away. Dad once again saves the day by becoming a superhero that flies them home.

When they get home the door is lock but Raj remembers he has a key in his backpack. Guess what was also in the backpack, the billfold.


A map for Raj’s day

Read the book to the class and tell them to listen as you read about all the activities Raj and his dad enjoy after finding they have no money.

After you read the story let them draw on the map above the parts they remember from the story.

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Night Train by Annie Cronin Romano

I have said before I have never been on an airplane. Today I will say I have never traveled on a commuter train or a large passenger train. I have traveled from Durango to Silverton on a coal mining open train and it was wonderful! The only thing we had to watch out for was the soot flying into the open area where we were sitting.

Today the book “Night Train,” took me on another kind of ride through the country while others are sleeping. I could almost feel the movement of the train as it traveled the rails. I would love to read this book for a night story time. Serene book.



  1. Cardstock
  2. Paper roll
  3. Glue or tape
  4. Two copies of the engine
  5. Four copies of the boxcars or more if you want to make it longer
Box Car


By Vicky Manning

The wheels on the train go bumpy bump,

Bumpy bump,

Bumpy bump.

The wheels on the train go bumpy bump,

All the way home.

The whistle on the train goes toot, toot, toot.

Toot, toot, toot

Toot, toot, toot

The whistle on the train goes toot, toot, toot,

All the way home.

The people on the train go yak, yak, yak

Yak, yak, yak

Yak, yak, yak

The whistle on the train go yak, yak, yak

All the way home.

The Conductor on the train says, ticket please,

 Ticket, please,

Ticket please

The Conductor on the train says, ticket please

All the way home.

All aboard

By Vicky Manning

All aboard on the little red train

Get on aboard the little red train.

Hop on aboard the little red train.

Before she rides the rails!


Don’t fall out of your chair, I have never flew on an airplane. Now I’m not saying I would not fly but I can tell you right now I would be very nervous. So today I have picked the book Fly High Katie, Katie Woo by Fran Manushkin. This book is an easy reader about airplanes. Katie takes us with her on her first ride in an airplane. All kinds of things happen to her on her flight so she is not too sure she likes flying.

Our library has a very large selection of Katie Woo books and they check out very well. As a matter of fact all our readers check out a good bit. The stories our interesting and the children love learning to read through each story.

Fly with Me!

By Vicky Manning

(Sung to If You’re Happy and you know it)

If you like to fly and you know it

Climb aboard!

If you like to fly and you know it

Climb aboard!

If you like to fly and you know it

Then you surly ought to try it

If you like to fly and you know it

Climb aboard!

Five stewardesses

By Vicky Manning

Five stewardesses fly off in a jet.

Jeanette serves the passengers.

Juliette talks on the speaker.

Rosette works in the kitchen.

Henriette calms the nerves.

Yvette announces the landing.

Five stewardesses help passengers of the jet.


Paper airplane model


  1. Cardstock
  2. Markers
  3. Scissors
  4. Pom-pom
  5. Glue or tape
  6. Popsicle sticks (2)
Cut a slit on the top of the window airplane piece, for the single dot piece. Glue the wings around the popsicle stick on either side, glue body and two dot piece on the popsicle stick after folding