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Grand Pappy’s Crickets

I have tried very hard to get this singing poem published and I think it is impossible. I’m putting it on my blog so teacher’s and parents can enjoy singing with their students or children. All I ask is please share with others so they can enjoy also. I do not mind you doing so. I will be sharing on Twitter and Pinterest also.

Grand Pappy’s Crickets

(Sing to She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain)

By Vicky C. Manning

There are crickets chirping in my bedroom Grand Pappy, Grand Pappy.

There are crickets chirping in my bedroom Grand Pappy, Grand Pappy.

There are crickets in my bedroom.

Will you come and get them soon?

There are crickets chirping in my bedroom Grand Pappy, Grand Pappy.

Grand pappy bounced me on his knee, yes sir’re, yes sir’re.

Grand Pappy bounced me on his knee, yes sir’re, yes sir’re.

We both bounced to their chirping.

Chirping in our ears was ringing.

Grand Pappy bounced me on his knee, yes sir’re, yes sir’re.

The chirping grew louder in my bedroom, oh dear me, oh dear me.

The chirping grew louder in my bedroom, oh dear me, oh dear me.

Grand pappy find them crickets soon!

They are hiding in my room.

The chirping grew louder in my bedroom, oh dear me, oh dear me.

Grand Pappy got down on his knees, carefully, carefully.

Grand Pappy got down on his knees, carefully, carefully.

He was on his knees a looking,

As those crickets kept on chirping.

Grand Pappy got down on his knees, carefully, carefully.

The crickets were not under my bed, no sir’re, no sir’re.

The crickets were not under my bed, no sir’re, no sir’re.

They were not in my closet.

He was very sure of it.

The crickets were not under my clothes, no sir’re, no sir’re.

Grand Pappy where are those crickets? Tell, me, tell me.

Grand Pappy where are those crickets? Tell, me, tell me.

Look in the toy box for me.

I’m sure their hiding from me.

Grand Pappy where are those crickets? Tell, me, tell me.

Grand Pappy found them crickets, yes he did, yes he did.

Grand Pappy found them crickets, yes he did, yes he did.

They were chirping in my toy box,

While jumping on my toy blocks.

Grand Pappy found them crickets, yes he did, yes he did.

Grand Pappy put them in a jar, for me, for me.

Grand Pappy put them in a jar, for me, for me.

They jumped up and down,

And crawled all around.

Grand Pappy put them in a jar, for me, for me.

We took the crickets outside to set them free, set them free.

We took the crickets outside to set them free, set them free.

We let them go outside.

They jumped in the grass to hide.

We took the crickets outside to set them free, set them free.

The crickets are chirping outside happily, happily.

 The crickets are chirping outside happily, happily.

The crickets are chirping outside.

Not a single cricket inside.

The crickets are chirping outside happily, happily.


Interview with a Children’s Book Character – Hands

“Have any of you given someone the high five after they or you have succeeded in something?  Today we will be interviewing Sensei who knows a bit about high fives.”

“Sensei, we are glad to have you today. Can you tell everyone the name of the children’s book,  and the author and illustrator who created you?”


High Five was written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.  Adam is living in Spain and Daniel is living in Brooklyn with his wife Sophia and dog Ronni.

“I love to high five people. Can you tell us about your character?”



I could be confused as Big Foot big and mean but, I’m really a nice guy who likes to high five.  When you high five someone you usually are celebrating someone’s accomplishments.  Adam put together a rhyming story about high fiving. 

I also love contest.  You have a chance to compete with others who have your same interest.  In the story I put together a high five contest and invite the readers to join.  I would never put together a contest without showing you how it is done so, I give everyone instructions how to hold your hands so you want injury yourself. 

One more thing, I do not sleep well before the big event.  I guess it is the excitement of the contest.  I love to meet all of the contestants also.  I can’t wait for you to read about some of them because their high fives can be a little tricky!

 “Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers today?”

I want you to get your slapping hands ready and read about the finest fivers in the animal kingdom!

“We will, and thank you for sharing about Adam’s and Daniel’s new book.”


Hand prints of me & a friend

Enlarge to fit 11×17 landscape and smallest margins

High Five

By Vicky Manning

Everybody put your hands in the air.

Spread your fingers and leave them up there.

Now let’s get ready to high five,

As we move in the hand jive.

Touch your tongue high Five one.

Touch your shoe high Five two

Slap your knee high five three.

1 2 3

Everyone put your hands in the air.

Spread your fingers and leave them up there.

High five up high almost to the sky

High five down low almost to your toe

High five to the right

High five to the left

Put up both hands and high five self!

Interview with Children’s Book Characters – Theme Cat

“I can’t wait for you to meet my book character for today, his name is Bruno.”

“Bruno, tell us about your creator, author and the name of the children’s book.”


The name of the book is Bruno the Standing Cat. The author of the book is Nadine Robert. She is a Canadian author and cofounder of the publishing house Comme des geants.  She lives in Montreal with her family.

The illustrator is Jean Jullien a French graphic artist living in London.  He also illustrated the book Imagine.

“Bruno, tell us about your character.”


I can walk on two feet just like you and it has made me a celebrity.  I have my own way of doing cat jobs too that you can find out if you read my story.

“Do you have a friend?”


Yes, his name is Peter. He took me out of a box, I was grateful.  We are best friends.

“What is the coolest thing you can do besides walk on two feet?”


I can skateboard.

“That is something.  We are glad you came today and I look forward to reading about you and Peter and your adventures together.”


Paper Smash Art.

Materials needed

  1. Black Paint
  2. Pink Construction Paper
  3. Wiggle eyes
  4. White Paper

Fold Paper in half ; trace half a cat’s head; lightly go over the line with black paint; smash paper together; open and glue eyes and inside of ears; draw in face.

An Interview with a Children’s Book Character & Craft

Everyone dreams and in this interview we learn how animals dream.  The book brings comfort and sleepy eyes. A wonderful nighttime story unfolds as a number of animals are sleeping and dream their way. Pictures in the book remind me of the scratch off art sheets.

The name of the book is Sweet Dreamers by Isabelle Simler and published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.

So today I have a few of the animals to tell you the way they dream

Red-breasted Robin

I dream while bundled into a ball and I’m dreaming about spring.


I dream upside down clinging to the ceiling. As the day shines, I slip into darkness.


I dream safely in my shelter rolled up under a pile of leaves.


I dream in pink.

“Thank you for sharing your dreams and to the young readers go and check this book out or buy your own copy to find out how more animals sleep.”


Download all the pictures below ( make sure to enlarge them )

Let class put their thumb print where the eyes should be and draw eye lashes on the bottom of the eyes.




By Vicky Manning

This is the way a dog and cat sleep (curl into a ball)

This is the way a flamingos sleep (stand on one foot and close eyes)

This is the way a frogs sleep (squat and close eyes)

This is the way chickens sleep (with knees bent under you, sit on calves)

This is the way Daddy sleeps (Snore loud several times)

An Interview with Children’s Book Character and craft

“Everyone has read or watched Snow White and today I have a book character Smugg who will bring those memories back of reading Snow White.”

“Smugg, we are glad to have you on my blog interview program.  Can you tell us who created you and the name and author of the children’s book?”


The name of the book is the most Terrible of all and the author is Muon Thi Van who has also written more books, In a Village by the Sea and The Little Tree.

The illustrator is Matt Myers and he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Great, can you give us a little information about your character?”


I am the most terrible monster of all over two feet tall.

“Wait a minute. You said the most terrible monster over two feet tall?”


That is what I said, “over two feet tall.”  There is another monster the mirror said was more terrible than me.  I did not like what she said so I went to find this monster. When you read the story you will agree with my mirror also. 

“Are you okay with not being the only most terrible monster?”


I guess so, after all he’s attached to me. (Smugg turns around and we see a small sweet looking monster.)

“Oh how sweet!”


Lady, read the story and then make comments about the small monster’s character!

“Okay we will and thank you both for coming.”


Paper Roll Monster

An Interview with Children’s Book Character & Color Sheet

“Pig the Pug we are so glad to be interviewing you today.”

http://Aaron Blabey

Pig the Pug

I guess you want to know all my bad qualities.

“We would like to hear about your creator and about the four books you are in.”

 Pig the Pug

My creator is Aaron Blabey and the publisher of the books is Scholastic Press.

“Can you explain to everyone why you are upset today.”

I’m a pug so I act like a pug. I can’t help myself it is who I am.  I guess my attitude is bad.  Anyway, the first book Pig the Pug, is about me a greedy and selfish dog.  I like my stuff and do not like to share.  I live with Trevor and he is a wiener dog.  He always comes snooping around my stuff. 

Read the book please and see what I learned and maybe it want happen to you!

“So you learned a lesson?”

Pig the Pug

I did and guess what?  My creator was not through with me. The next book is Pig the Pug Fibber. My bad self is also a liar, yelp. I loved to blame Trevor whenever I messed up. He was an easy target and they believed me!

I had fun for some time with the lying but, all things must come to an end.

“I’m glad you are no longer a liar Pig.”

Pig the Pug

Yeah, I learned my lesson in this story but my creator decided to make me feel bad about winning.  I just wanted to win because it made me feel good.  I’m a pretty bad loser.

Trevor was the nice one our creator wrote. He tried to tell me to just have fun but I can’t. I have to win! I did it again I messed up bad.

“Winning does make you feel good but it makes you feel better when you are not cheating.”

 Pig the Pug

I know but remember my creator is making me look bad.  The next book I’m in, Pig the Stinker, is about how dirty I get. I’m a dog for crying out loud! But back to what was written about me. I played with unspeakable muck and bad odors did not offend me. I actually like to smell stinky stuff. My favorite thing is to play in the toilet.

“At my house when my pets get dirty we bath them.”

Pig the Pug

I don’t like baths but Trevor does.

“Another lesson was learned?”

Pig the Pug

Yes and it is a good thing I learn my lessons because if I didn’t I would be sorry.

 Pig the Pug

I have one more book you might want to hear and the name of it is Pig the Elf.

“This book sounds like it might be adorable.”

Pig the Pug

Adorable, you do remember who you are interviewing?  I was adorable but the writer wrote I was greedy as well.  I could not wait for Santa to come. My list was long because I wanted much. 

I will not tell you the whole story but I will say one thing, never bite Santa on his rosy behind!

“Well I thank you for being a good sport today. Hold your chin up Pig you never know your writer my write a nice thing about you one day.”

  Pig the Pug

Now what fun would that be?

Color Sheet

Enlarge & Color

Bubble-Game Craft

The weather is warm and the sun is shinning. Time to get your class or child outside for an art class. Sometimes I like to smash an art class into a game. The game rules are listed below.

Game rules:

Catch as many bubbles on your paper as possible in one minute. The object is to see how many full circles you can get on your paper.

Teachers, parents or half of your class will need to circle around the children who are catching the bubbles first.

Blow lower for young children and straight ahead for older children.

Each bubble blower will blow a different color bubbles towards the children.


  1. Bubbles
  2. Wands
  3. Food coloring dye or 1/2 teaspoon of dry washable paint
  4. White heavy paper
Bubble Art

Interview with Hank and Rosie Children’s Book Characters from “Noboby Hugs A Cactus”

http://Carter Goodrich

Good Afternoon,

Everyone who reads this interview will fall in love with this little guy and his girl. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Hank and Rosie.

“Hank I’m looking forward to this interview today.”


Thank you, Rosie and I are glad to be here today.

“So let’s start by telling us who created you.”


Rosie and I were created by Carter Goodrich. I believe you have interviewed two other characters from another book he has written and illustrated.

“Yes we have interviewed two other characters from his book Say Hello to Zorro.

“Can you tell us about your character?”


You aren’t going to believe this but I was once was a loner and maybe a little cranky. I had a big window to set in and the sun in my face. I was happy to be by myself.

Several passed by my window but I did not care for it much.

“So you were cranky. You don’t seem to be that way today.”


I changed my mind about being by myself. It hurt to hear nobody wants to hug a cactus too. I knew I needed to change my attitude.

“Had you ever thought about what it would be like to be hugged?”


Not really. I guess I was just into being by myself. No one ever really tried to be very close to me. I was cranky remember.

“So Rosie, what did you think of Hank.”


He was cranky so I moved along quickly.

“I see you are stuck to him now.”


We are stuck together but it is pretty nice.

“Hank are you enjoying the company?”


I would not have it any other way.

“So how did this change happen?”


We can’t tell you everything! Our children’s book is available now. So go on buy the book and read it.


Hank you are being cranky again.


Sorry everyone my crankiness still sneaks out every once in awhile.

“You are forgiven and thank both of you for a great interview.”

An Interview with Mario a children’s Book character

http://Carolina Zanotti

Good Morning,

Today I’m interviewing Mario a book character from Carolina Zanotti children’s book, Mario and the Aliens.

“Mario we are glad to have you with us today.”


I’m thrilled to be here.

“Mario, can you tell us about the Author who created you?”


Carolina Zanotti is a journalist and loves to write theater shows for children. She specializes in music and theater.  Carolina created me and my alien friends.

“She is a busy woman. I see that Happy Fox Books is the publisher and you were introduced to us this year, 2019.


Yes, and I can’t wait to tell you about my friends and how I met them!

“Well please do so.”


I was on my computer when I heard them land. It was loud and in my back yard.  I went outside to see what caused the noise and found a spaceship!  The spaceship was purple, round and really big. When I got closer an alien was looking at me.  Before I took off running I saw many different shapes and sizes of aliens, way too many for me to stick around and see what they wanted. I needed help.

When I turn to run they stopped me and said, “We just want to play.”  They came to play with me!

“So Mario what did you do with them?”


I had to come up with something fast and I did, I went to get my computer, but they did not want to play on the computer.  The only thing I could see in sight was my bike, so one of the aliens, Yorso, rode the bike but was not very good at it.  After everyone cheered him on he got better.

Before the day was finished we had played with many of my and my sisters toys.  The aliens really enjoyed the day.  My favorite thing we played was a game of soccer.

“Do you think your friends will come back some day?”


I hope so. We had a great time and guess what else. I never missed my computer!

“Mario you talked about the aliens and how much fun you had but you did not tell us much about how they looked.”


That’s because I want everyone to get the book and see the illustrations Tamypu created for this story!

“Okay then, thank you for coming to tell us about the story you are in and also about your creators, Mario.”

Purple Spaceship


By Vicky Manning

A purple spaceship lands on a mountain. (Curve fingers and place hand on arm)

Out pops a green alien rolling down the mountain. (Snap fingers and roll arms over each other)

Out pops an orange alien hopping down the mountain. (Snap fingers, hop fingers across arm)

Out pops a black alien flying down the mountain. (Snap fingers, wiggle fingers overhead)

Out pops a red alien running down the mountain. (Snap fingers, run fingers down arm)

The green alien takes a person wearing ____________. (Add something in the space a child is wearing and pick a child and bring him to stand with you)

The orange alien takes a person wearing ____________.

The black alien takes a person wearing _____________.

The red alien takes a person wearing _______________.

The purple spaceship hovers over the group.

It zaps up the green alien and the person wearing _____________. (Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the orange alien and the person wearing _____________.(Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the black alien and the person wearing _____________.(Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the red alien and the person wearing _____________ (Snap fingers, clap hands) and

they all fly away in a purple spaceship. (Curve fingers and lift hand off of arm)

Interview with Children’s Book Characters

Say Hello To Zorro! By Carter Goodrich (Interview by Vicky Manning)

My guest today is Mister Bud and Zorrohttp://Carter Goodrich

Welcome to my first of many interviews with famous characters from children’s books.

“Good morning Mister Bud and Zorro.”

“Mister Bud, can you tell me who gave life to you in the book, Say Hello to Zorro?”

Mister Bud

Zorro and I were created by Carter Goodrich. I’m pretty sure he thought of me first since I’m mentioned first in the story. Carter Goodrich upon this story has illustrated sixteen New Yorker covers and was the lead character designer for Despicable Me Finding Nemo, Monsters. Inc, Open Seasons, and Ratatouille.

“Zorro, can you give up more information about the book you are a character in?”


Yes, but first Mister Bud and I were created at the same time and both of us are important to the storyline. My name, only, is in the title of the book but Mister Bud is mentioned first in the story line.

Carter Goodrich won the International Animated Film Society’s Annie Award for design in the movies Mister Bud mentioned. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and has twice been awarded the gold medal from Society of Illustrators in New York.

“Mister Bud can you tell us who the publisher of the book “Say Hello to Zorro is?”

Mister Bud

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

“Mister Bud can you give me and others details about your character?”

Mister Bud

I was living the good life. Everything was about me and I liked it that way. I had my own house, bed, toys, dish and schedule. If you read my book you will find I had a time for everything and it never changed till one morning. In one moment all about me became all about two. I never had to share a thing in my whole lifetime, now before me stood Zorro!

He was always in my way and I did not like the eye contact he was giving me, so I did what any other dog would do, I snapped and growled at him. I was told I had to get along with him and that was hard. He was so bossy.

Something happened with our relationship that I may never understand. Zorro had something in common with me, he had my same schedule!

“Zorro can you give me and others your view about your character?”


I never as asked about moving into a home with Mister Bud. I too thought I would be the only pet but I was wrong. Mister Bud was not very welcoming and he growled at me first. Nobody is going to intimidate me into doing what they want me to do.

After a few days of trying to find my place in this family I noticed that me and Mister Bud had the same schedule and not only that it was kind of fun going on walks together and taking naps together. When we eat I still like my own bowl has does he.

“So you two finally come to the conclusion that having a friend to live with was not so bad?”

Zorro and Mister Bud

Yes but we still have our moments.

“Thank you for giving us a great interview. Readers I hope you will go out and check this book out.  Next interview will be with the little Guys. Read, Share, and Create. Signing off Vicky Manning

Sharing Game

Have class to go into center time. After they have partnered with a friend or friends tell them they will roll a dice and the number they roll will be the next group they will be in a center with. (This will teach them to be friends with diffenrent people in their class and they will learn to share when working together.

Hand Print Ears

Paint child’s hand brown or black and press on each side of the dog head