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Bubble-Game Craft

The weather is warm and the sun is shinning. Time to get your class or child outside for an art class. Sometimes I like to smash an art class into a game. The game rules are listed below.

Game rules:

Catch as many bubbles on your paper as possible in one minute. The object is to see how many full circles you can get on your paper.

Teachers, parents or half of your class will need to circle around the children who are catching the bubbles first.

Blow lower for young children and straight ahead for older children.

Each bubble blower will blow a different color bubbles towards the children.


  1. Bubbles
  2. Wands
  3. Food coloring dye or 1/2 teaspoon of dry washable paint
  4. White heavy paper
Bubble Art


Interview with Hank and Rosie Children’s Book Characters from “Noboby Hugs A Cactus”

http://Carter Goodrich

Good Afternoon,

Everyone who reads this interview will fall in love with this little guy and his girl. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Hank and Rosie.

“Hank I’m looking forward to hearing about your new life and the happiness you found.”


Thank you, Rosie and I are glad to be here today.

“So let’s start by you telling us who created you.”


Rosie and I were created by Carter Goodrich. I believe you have interviewed two other characters from another book he has written and illustrated.

“Yes we have interviewed two other characters from his books.”

“Can you tell us about your character and how you found Rosie?”


You aren’t going to believe this but I was once a sour puss.  I did not care it I ever saw anyone and I never been a big talker.  All I wanted was to sit in my window and enjoy the sun by myself. 

One day I had was in my mood to be left alone but it was not in the cards for me that day. My first visitor was Rosie. She was so happy and I wanted to ignore her. She took off rather easy. Next a tortoise came by and I told him he was on private property.  It felt good to see him hide inside his shell. 

The next visitor was a jackrabbit and she called me Prickles. Ohoo! I was mad!

Everything became really personal after the jackrabbit. A coyote told me I was prickly on the inside as I was on the outside. He was on my property so I had ever right to tell him, “No dogs allowed.”

But, the next visitor really was uglier than I. He told me I needed a hug but, nobody hugs a cactus!

I was thinking about what he said when a lizard crawl up to my window. I told him I did not need a hug from him and he said, good, because I don’t want to give you one.

The last visitor was owl.  He asked if I was looking for a hug and said he could give me one but, then he just flew off.  I heard him say, “You must be joking.”  That hurt my feelings.

I was not feeling very good. I was wondering what a hug would feel like. 

“So Hank do you feel the thorns on your body made you cranky?”


Not really, I just never thought about being around or needing anyone else.  I was pretty happy with my sticky stuck up self.

“Rosie, how did you change Hanks mind?”


I’ve never been the type to be mean. I like to help people when I can even if they don’t deserve it.  We all have bad days right?

“So you meet Hank again?”


Yes I did. I was tumbling by and saw he had a piece of cup stuck on his face. He could not get it off so I knocked it off for him.  It was a kind thing to do. I did not stick around because I knew he did not like company.

A few days went by and I came across his property again.  Hank got my attention and gave me a flower for helping him. I was so overwhelm with his kindness that before thinking I gave him a big hug and I’ve never let go since then.

“Are both okay with this union?”


Yes, it is better to be stuck together than to be stuck alone.

“You are so right and I thank you Hank, Rosie, and Mr. Goodrich for teaching us this valuable lesson.”

An Interview with Mario a children’s Book character

http://Carolina Zanotti

Good Morning,

Today I’m interviewing Mario a book character from Carolina Zanotti children’s book, Mario and the Aliens.

“Mario we are glad to have you with us today.”


I’m thrilled to be here.

“Mario, can you tell us about the Author who created you?”


Carolina Zanotti is a journalist and loves to write theater shows for children. She specializes in music and theater.  Carolina created me and my alien friends.

“She is a busy woman. I see that Happy Fox Books is the publisher and you were introduced to us this year, 2019.


Yes, and I can’t wait to tell you about my friends and how I met them!

“Well please do so.”


I was on my computer when I heard them land. It was loud and in my back yard.  I went outside to see what caused the noise and found a spaceship!  The spaceship was purple, round and really big. When I got closer an alien was looking at me.  Before I took off running I saw many different shapes and sizes of aliens, way too many for me to stick around and see what they wanted. I needed help.

When I turn to run they stopped me and said, “We just want to play.”  They came to play with me!

“So Mario what did you do with them?”


I had to come up with something fast and I did, I went to get my computer, but they did not want to play on the computer.  The only thing I could see in sight was my bike, so one of the aliens, Yorso, rode the bike but was not very good at it.  After everyone cheered him on he got better.

Before the day was finished we had played with many of my and my sisters toys.  The aliens really enjoyed the day.  My favorite thing we played was a game of soccer.

“Do you think your friends will come back some day?”


I hope so. We had a great time and guess what else. I never missed my computer!

“Mario you talked about the aliens and how much fun you had but you did not tell us much about how they looked.”


That’s because I want everyone to get the book and see the illustrations Tamypu created for this story!

“Okay then, thank you for coming to tell us about the story you are in and also about your creators, Mario.”

If you want a craft or fingerplay go back to my earlier review of this book.

Interview with Children’s Book Characters

Say Hello To Zorro! By Carter Goodrich (Interview by Vicky Manning)

My guest today is Mister Bud and Zorrohttp://Carter Goodrich

Welcome to my first of many interviews with famous characters from children’s books.

“Good morning Mister Bud and Zorro.”

“Mister Bud, can you tell me who gave life to you in the book, Say Hello to Zorro?”

Mister Bud

Zorro and I were created by Carter Goodrich. I’m pretty sure he thought of me first since I’m mentioned first in the story. Carter Goodrich upon this story has illustrated sixteen New Yorker covers and was the lead character designer for Despicable Me Finding Nemo, Monsters. Inc, Open Seasons, and Ratatouille.

“Zorro, can you give up more information about the book you are a character in?”


Yes, but first Mister Bud and I were created at the same time and both of us are important to the storyline. My name, only, is in the title of the book but Mister Bud is mentioned first in the story line.

Carter Goodrich won the International Animated Film Society’s Annie Award for design in the movies Mister Bud mentioned. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and has twice been awarded the gold medal from Society of Illustrators in New York.

“Mister Bud can you tell us who the publisher of the book “Say Hello to Zorro is?”

Mister Bud

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

“Mister Bud can you give me and others details about your character?”

Mister Bud

I was living the good life. Everything was about me and I liked it that way. I had my own house, bed, toys, dish and schedule. If you read my book you will find I had a time for everything and it never changed till one morning. In one moment all about me became all about two. I never had to share a thing in my whole lifetime, now before me stood Zorro!

He was always in my way and I did not like the eye contact he was giving me, so I did what any other dog would do, I snapped and growled at him. I was told I had to get along with him and that was hard. He was so bossy.

Something happened with our relationship that I may never understand. Zorro had something in common with me, he had my same schedule!

“Zorro can you give me and others your view about your character?”


I never as asked about moving into a home with Mister Bud. I too thought I would be the only pet but I was wrong. Mister Bud was not very welcoming and he growled at me first. Nobody is going to intimidate me into doing what they want me to do.

After a few days of trying to find my place in this family I noticed that me and Mister Bud had the same schedule and not only that it was kind of fun going on walks together and taking naps together. When we eat I still like my own bowl has does he.

“So you two finally come to the conclusion that having a friend to live with was not so bad?”

Zorro and Mister Bud

Yes but we still have our moments.

“Thank you for giving us a great interview. Readers I hope you will go out and check this book out.  Next interview will be with the little Guys. Read, Share, and Create. Signing off Vicky Manning

Sharing Game

Have class to go into center time. After they have partnered with a friend or friends tell them they will roll a dice and the number they roll will be the next group they will be in a center with. (This will teach them to be friends with diffenrent people in their class and they will learn to share when working together.

Hand Print Ears

Paint child’s hand brown or black and press on each side of the dog head

Pirates : Arrr Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos

I found this cute book this moring in our collection. A baby pirate and his mates sail the seas and go into battle when their booty is stolen! When ever I read a book about pirates I love to make ships out of our boxes books come in. I also put out pirate accessories for play time.

A Ship of Pirates

By Vicky Manning

Pirates, pirates sail the seas!

Pirates, pirates slap their knees.

Pirates, pirates mop the deck.

Turn around and touch your neck.

Pirates, pirates raise the sail.

Touch your fingers nail to nail.

Pirates, pirates will take your money.

Sit here quietly and tickle your tummy.


Pirate Mask

Aliens Craft and Book Review

Mario and the Aliens by Carolina Zanotti

Mario was surprised when he saw an enormous purple spaceship had landed in his back yard. He went to check it out and found very scary aliens on board. He started to run to his parents but they hollered, “We just want to play.” So the cute story starts with Mario coming up with ways to entertain his new friends.

Purple Spaceship

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is purple-spaceship.png


By Vicky Manning

A purple spaceship lands on a mountain. (Curve fingers and place hand on arm)

Out pops a green alien rolling down the mountain. (Snap fingers and roll arms over each other)

Out pops an orange alien hopping down the mountain. (Snap fingers, hop fingers across arm)

Out pops a black alien flying down the mountain. (Snap fingers, wiggle fingers overhead)

Out pops a red alien running down the mountain. (Snap fingers, run fingers down arm)

The green alien takes a person wearing ____________. (Add something in the space a child is wearing and pick a child and bring him to stand with you)

The orange alien takes a person wearing ____________.

The black alien takes a person wearing _____________.

The red alien takes a person wearing _______________.

The purple spaceship hovers over the group.

It zaps up the green alien and the person wearing _____________. (Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the orange alien and the person wearing _____________.(Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the black alien and the person wearing _____________.(Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the red alien and the person wearing _____________ (Snap fingers, clap hands) and

they all fly away in a purple spaceship. (Curve fingers and lift hand off of arm)


Maker Space Aliens

Materials needed

Set out wiggle eyes

Low heat glue guns

Use your odds and ends from your craft materials or recyle items to make aliens.

I would love for you to blog me aliens you and your class have made!

Preschool Story “Shaving Cream Day”

The topic today is shaving cream. Shaving cream is a fun activity for preschoolers right? You see it in lesson plans for art or teaching to write numbers and so on. I too had shaving cream added to my lesson plan but my experience was somewhat different than most teacher’s experiences.

“Okay, today we are going to draw pictures with shaving cream.”

“Can we have lots of cream on our table?” asked one student.

“I will give you enough to work with.”

Everyone had shaving cream in front of them and was drawing pictures as told to do at first. One young man decided his best friend would look good with a white beard like Santa Clause.

“Class keep the shaving cream on the table please.”

Another child decided to coat their arms in the cream as did the rest of the table. The fun began after this point. Now most teachers would not let this get out of control in the classroom but, come on I’m working with preschoolers and they were having the best time.

Within a few minutes we had shaving cream covered students who were laughing, giggling and putting their shaving cream on all their friends. My assistant went to get the Director who then went to get the Assistant Pastor. After seeing what some may call a disaster, the Assistant Pastor went to get his video camera and came back to make a video of my class.

After the class was video, the Pastor said, “This would only happen in your room Vicky.” Yep, I thought as I looked around to a class of very happy students.

We took the students down to the gym to shower them off in their clothes, another fun activity that was not plan! At nap time everyone slept well!

I have to add this, at the end of the year, my class was the stars of parents night. The video was shown of our year of memories. Preschool is something every child should get to experience. Yes, their little minds are like sponges and they learn many skills but they also have fun socializing and making friends.

Bear & Spider

Bear’s Scare by Jacob Grant

Bear has a visitor in his house a spider! Everything is clean in his house until he notices a spider web, sticky and messy. Opposites do attract sometimes as it does in this warm adorable story.

Bear and Spider

By Vicky Manning

Bear is here.

Spider is there.

Bear is hefty.

Spider is tiny.

Bear is huggable

Spider is untouchable

Bear is here.

Spider is there.

Worksheet and Color Sheet

Color Sheet

Counting Project Cats

Counting with Tiny Cat by Viviane Schwarz

Tiny cat loves to count in this story but he is counting yarn balls that are way too many for him to count!

This book is simple and sweet. My Story Play group is the perfect age for this reading. The story is fast and the pictures will grab their attention.

Pom-Pom number Game.

The copy below can be used to make a pom-pom number game.

Copy ten cats and put a number on the circle above the cats head.

Tape the cats to make a circle and they will stand up.

Put a small plastic cup in front of the cats.

Place pom-poms on the table with the counting game.

Game piece or finger puppet

Yarn, Kittens and Margaret

By Vicky

Five balls of yarn are lying in a basket.

Five silly kittens playfully toss it.

One ball of yarn rolls into the closet.

One ball of yarn rolls on the carpet.

One ball of yarn rolls into a bonnet.

One ball of yarn rolls into a rocket

One ball of yarn rolls right to Margaret!

Cactus craft

Nobody Hugs a Cactus by Carter Goodrich

Okay I want tell you ending to this sweet book. I won’t tell you the ending of this sweet book.

I’m sorry I’m going to tell you the ending of this sweet book. The little cactus lands up with the best hug and it sticks on him like glue and it is nice! There it is, I’m sorry I told you the ending but I could not help myself. Now let’s get to the whole story of a little cactus that sits in the window all day and watches his world from the window. He is happy about that till he is not, until he feels lonely. Nobody wants to hug a cactus. I can’t tell you how much I love this book. It made me happy.


Cactus Body
Cactus arms

Cut out cactus

Glue to paper roll

Stick toothpicks in for thorns

Give me a hug

By Vicky Manning

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp

Give me a hug says the elephant. (Make a trunk with your arm and wrap it around a friend)

Give me a hug says the seal. (Flap your arms and hands together around a friend)

Give me a hug says the monkey. (Swing over to your friend and hug them tight)

Give me a hug says the snake. (shake your head and back away)