Day: September 10, 2019

Free Cat in the box game-Poem-Book review-Stuck-Oliver Jeffers

Stuck book

“Stuck,” written by Oliver Jeffers starts off with Floyd’s kite stuck in a tree. Before he is through he pitched everything but the kitchen sink in the tree to knock the kite down. Wait! A minute he pitched the kitchen sink too! Funny book that will surley make your children laugh.

Five Little Cats

By Vicky Manning

Five little cats stuck were in a tree.

The first one said, “Pitch me a laddar me.”

The second one said, “Pitch a rope to me.”

The third one said, “Call the fire department for me.”

The fourth one said, “Climb up to get me.”

The fifth one said, “Everyone follow me!”

Five little cats were hanging on a branch,

Now all little cats jumped down from the tree.




1. Kleenex box (empty)

2. String

3. Hole puncher

4. Eight paper clips

Punch a hole on each side of the box.

String a cat on each side of the box.

Make sure to place two paper clips on the bottom of each cat.

Use cardstock for the cat copies

CAT IN BOX GAME PIC  Toss the cats into the box