Free Hippo Paper Bag Craft-Poem-Book Review-Hurty Feelings-Helen Lester

Hurty Feelings Book

Helen Lester’s children’s book, “Hurty Feeling,” is a cute story with a learning experience for young readers. Fragility is a hippo and fragile with her feelings. Every time someone compliments her, she hears an insult. But one day an elephant comes to insult her and her life changes. She learns a lesson and also her new friend Rudy, the elephant, learns a lesson. The illustrations by Lynn Munsinger are funny and she most definitely caught Fragility’s personality.


Absurd but Happy

By Vicky Manning


Legs like a hippo.

Nose like an elephant.

Ears like palm leaves.

Hair like a skunk.

Eyes like a fish.

Tail like a bird.

Can you draw me?

Can you love me?Absurb animal




Brown Paper Bag



Hippo brown bag puppet

Enlarge to fit paper bag

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