Day: September 4, 2019

Free School House Rock Craft-Book Review- If I Built a School by Chris Van Dusen

If I Built a School

 “If I Built a School” by Chris Van Dusen is about a young boy who has his own ideas about how a school should be built. His school looks like an amusment park and it reminded me of the cartoon, “The Jetsons,” also. I do not think there would be a child in the world that would turn down an invite to his school! The book give many options or ideas to me for hands on activities to make learning fun.

  1. Give out shoe boxes and let students build their ideal school.
  2. Lego blocks could be another option for building a school.
  3. Have students draw their school building floor plan, then the school.
  4. Popsicle Sticks and wood shapes, for older students, would be another building idea.
  5. If you are daring fill your room with cardboard boxes and let them build their school.

Chris Van Dusen also has other books on building.

If I built a CarIf I Built a House


School House Rock Craft 2

Copy on Stiff Paper only

Cut the two side doors on both side ( for the rocker to slide through)

Cut and Tape or Glue


Copy two on Stiff paper

Slide through the side slit doors 

School House Rock finish craft




Free Puffin Craft-Poem-Book Review-Nothing Like A Puffin by Sue Soltis


Sue Soltis is the Author of the children’s Book, “Nothing Like a Puffin.” In this cute book you will find a puffin in a game of comparing. Are everyday things like a puffin?  I will let you judge after you read this adorable book. Let’s not forget the illustrator, Bob Kolar! The pages are bright and colorful and make you want to turn the next page.


A B C Puffin

By Vicky Manning



Wanted to


A fish and swim in the


Puffin cut out


Construction paper

Red, Yellow, Black, Orange, White, Blue

Puffin craft