Month: September 2019

Best Halloween Children’s Book listed on Vicky’s Rowdy Book House Blog

     It is that time of year once again! What time of the year you ask? Halloween, is coming soon and I have books to share. 

I love the holiday season because it brings in past memories and memories to be made. Reading to your students or child is the perfect time to make a memory they will always treasure. Look at the list below as you start planning ahead for Halloween. I’m sure there are many more great books and this is just a few. Be sure to comment on your list also!

Have Fun!!!!!


Halloween Hanging Black Cat Classroom Picture Display

Halloween Hanging Black Cat Classroom Picture Name Display

For this Craft you will need to buy a Roll of black crepe paper streamer or you can cut your own paper out and make an according by folding in and out.

Cut the crepe paper for the legs and arms and tape the arms together to hole on a rope above your classroom.

With a sharpie, write the first name of your student.

Make sure to copy the cat by enlarging it to fit 11×17 paper.

Take a picture of each student to place in the circle.

Free Paddle Ball Craft

Halloween Paddle Ball Craft

Copy to size you want.

Cut and trace on heavy cardboard

Use a box knife carefully to cut

Glue or tape on pumpkin paddle pattern

Take a extra large rubberband and cut, staple to back of paddle board

Take a small rubber ball and staple rubberband to the ball

Free Ballerina Spoon & Fork Craft


Take two plastic knives and one plastic spoon and place a rubber band in the middle to hold all together.

Make sure you pull the spoon handle down enough to hold the body firmly.

Color in the face with a sharpie.

Glue yarn hair to the top of spoon.

dancer 2

With my dancer, I cut out a blue dress and shoes. I used material flower trim for dress. For her arms I took two bendable straws and cut them below the bend. Glue or tape the arms under the sleeves.

This craft is really fun to make and the great thing is you can dress your body up to your preference. Have fun! 

Free Panda mask craft-Children’s Book Review Bear Likes Jam

Bear likes jam

 “Bear Likes Jam,” by Ciara Gavin has learning experiences for the children on sharing and finding the right balance. Bear loves his jam and sometimes he sneaks to eat eat. Bear is not crazy about his vegetables, but he loves his jam! Will bear learn his balance? I think so and everyone listening to the story will love bear and his problem with jam.

Panda Mask

Copy Mask

Punch out sides for string or cut strips for the sides