Raft Craft-Song-Children’s Book Review

The Raft

“The Raft,” by Jim LaMarche is a children’s book about a young man who goes to stay with his grandma. He is not feeling well about the trip because he will not have friends to play with. His Grandma is cool, she has a carved bear in her workroom she is working on. This Grandma has lots of plans for her grandson. The young boy will find his grandma’s place in a very interesting place full of things to do.


Fishing Raft

By Vicky Manning  (Tune of Oh my Darling Clementine)


On the river is a raft

That I built by myself.

I can take you down the river,

or you can travel by yourself.


On the river you can fish

With a cane pole I made.

After fishing in the river

We can dock in a shade.




13 Straws, Tape, Post it, Wood stick, toothpick, rubberband

Tape the Straws together.

Cut a rubberband and push thoothpick through one end.

Stick toothpick in straws and the wooden stick.

Place in a bowl of water to float.

Did the raft float or Sink?



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