Day: August 13, 2019

Things to Do Jar Craft-Children’s Book Review

Things to Do Book

“Things to Do,” by Elaine Magliaro and illustrated by Catia Chien is a children’s book full of things to do. The story is centered around the day and life of a child. When you read the book to your child or students it will bring back memories of your childhood. I remembered the long days of being outside and making clover jewelry, flying kites at a nearby park, playing hide-and-seek at night, catching lightening bugs, and jumping in the tallest pile of leaves I could find in the Fall. You will love this book.





Make several copies of the cube. (Colored Card Stock for the squares below)

Cut and glue the things to do squares on the cube.

Make several cubes for different times of the year.

Put your cubes in a decorative jar.

Make up your own things to do ideas!

Things to do #1

Things to do 2