Day: August 7, 2019

Boxcar Children’s Craft- Song-Graphic Novel -Children’s Book Review

The Box Car Children picture

 I bet you have read the Boxcar Children by Gertrude C. Warner. Today I’m reviewing a graphic novel written by Joeming Dunn & Ben Dunn, “The Boxcar Children, Bicycle Mystery.” In this book you have a short read with pictures. This is the perfect book to introduce younger students to the Box car children ,who are not ready for a chapter book.


Boxcar Home

By Vicky Manning

(Tune of “This Old Man)

This old boxcar sit on a track.

It was vancant on an abandon track.

Was a welcome home 

for children and dog.

This old boxcar became their home!

Boxcar for poem


Boxcar Craft

Make copy on card stock. Enlarge to the size you want.

Cut and glue boxcar and wheels.