Day: July 31, 2019

Crown Craft-song-Children’s book review

Prince Bertram the Bad

“Prince Bertram the Bad,” by Arnold Lobel, originally published in 1963; In this charming fable there was a prince. He was a very bad prince breaking toys, shooting pebbles at townsfolk, and putting spiders in the soup bowl. A witch cast a spell on him one day for his bad behavior.

Read and find out how this classic fable teaches the Golden Rule.

SONGpulling hair

I’ve been Bad

By Vicky Manning


I’ve been bad

I pulled my sister’s hair.

She is crying,

And I do not care.


Momma’s here

She knows I’ve been bad.

I am crying,

Because I am sad.


I am sorry.

I pulled my sister’s hair.

I’m in time out,

And she is doesn’t care.


Being bad

Causes pain all around.

Count to three

And let’s all calm down!



Coffee filter

Printed paper


crown craft shape

Copy larger


Glue cut copy of the crown shape to coffee filter.

Glue printed strip of paper around the crown shape.

Decorate the peaks on the crown.