Day: July 25, 2019

PaperCup Craft-Children’s Book Theme

The Blessing Cup

The Blessing Cup by Patricia Polacco is a children’s book based on Patricia’s Great-Grandmother Ann’s life before leaving Russia and about the legacy of the family’s china tea set. In her book it says the tea cup from the original tea set in the story is still in Patricia Polacco’s family today.

I think an older elementary student would enjoy this book and the tradition told.

Instead of a song with the children’s book I think it would be a great idea to have the student or your child to think of a tradition their family has an either write a poem about it or if it involves a craft, then make the craft.


Blessing cup

Copy on Card Stock

Cut Red Lines after you cut out the square

Turn over white side showing and fold the red cut lines to make a triangle on all four sides

This will make the Blessing Cup below

Blessing Cup in color