Day: July 23, 2019

Owl Nature Art-Song-Children’s Book Theme

Anywhere Artist bookcover

Anywhere Artist by Nikki Slade Robinson will make you want to go out into your yard together materials for an art project. A young girl creates art in this playful book and all her materials are from outside. Parents you have the book and the art supplies right outside your door. You can’t get any better than that for making a fun afternoon with your family.


Nature’s Art

By Vicky Manning

(Tune – I’m Bringing home a Baby Bumblebee)

I’m going on a hunt for leaves and sticks.

Making an art project from natures mix.

 I’m going on a hunt for leaves and sticks.

Look at my picks!

I have my leaves and sticks and small rocks.

All my materials are hidden in my box.

I have my leaves and sticks and small rocks.

Look is my box!


owl nature materials

Materials needed

Draw an picture of an owl or take a free coloring sheet for the students to cover with their nature materials.

You will need glue. 

Take pictures of the art work to hang up. (the morning after the leaves may shrink so the picture will change. Maybe this is a great science project as well!)

Owl Nature Art

Balloon Fly Craft-Song-Children’s Book Theme

old black fly book

The old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth is a book in rhyme, of the alphabet. This old fly is chased throughout the house landing on everything and driving the family crazy. Sit down with this book and have the students clap a beat as you read.  


Black Flies

By Vicky Manning

(Tune of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider)


The black annoying flies

Buzzed around my head.

Mommy got the flyswatter

And the black flies fled.

Mommy left the room

And all the flies came back.

Then I took the flyswatter

And smack, smack, smack!

balloon old black fly

Balloon Black Fly




Black stiff thread

Black Marker

White Paper

Yellow marker

Bobbie pins (for fly legs)