Paperboy Craft-Song-Children’s Book Theme

The paperboy book



Make a copy and cut out

newspaper paperboy cutout

Trace paperboy on newspaper then fold accordion style.

Cut out and do not cut the newspaper boys arms at the end. (this part attaches the paperboy’s arms together when you open him up.)

paperboy cutouts 

paperboy bag

Cut out and cut on the inside black line to make a slit for the papers.

Cut an inch wide long rectangle and roll it up, tape. (make three)

paperboy bag picture craft

Finished bag



By Vicky Manning

Oh, I wish I was a paperboy deliverer

That is what I really want to be.

Because if I was a paperboy deliverer

Every day I’d make money for me!


Today I’m going to talk about an older book, The Paperboy, by Dav Pilkey.

The book came out in 1996 and the children still love to check it out. The story tells about what the paperboy does every morning while we sleep. The young boy thinks while he is delivering papers about different things. I love the pictures in the book. I would read this book as a night time story time book


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