Flying Dragon Craft-Song-Children’s Book Theme

Dragons in Love


Flying dragon

Make a copy of Dragon on card stock.

Cut out Dragon and the shape under the dragon.

Fold on the middle black line bring the colored side together.

Fold the outer black lines down on each side.

Fold the shape in half and glue to the bottom of the dragon to make an airplane shape.

Hold the bottom and pitch in the air.


Little Dragon is in Love

By Vicky Manning

 Little Dragon, Little Dragon.

Is in love, is in love.

Breathing out fire, for his lover.

There he blows, there he blows!

Dragon for poem

Interview with a children’s Book Character


“We have a guest today who has a problem that you may find yourself in one day. Drake, how are you today?”



 “Well that’s okay because you are a dragon.”


 I meant, I’m in love with a… girl.

“Drake what is the name of the book you’re in?”


 Dragons in Love

 “I think it is wonderful that dragons fall in love.”


 Lady, I’m a dragon and when I get upset about anything I breathe out fire.  I don’t want to burn up the little girl who gave me my first kiss!

 “That would be a problem.”


 I liked the kiss.  I like to have friends and I like to go to the park too.  My dad helped me with my problem.  I want everyone to read my story and see how a dragon can love someone too.

 “Can you tell everyone who created you and who the author is of the book, “Dragons in Love?”


 Alexandre Lacroix is the author and the Editor-in-Chief of Philosophie Magazine in France.  He has written several adult novels as well.  The illustrator is Ronan Babel who is a graduate of the Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg.

 “Thank you, and may I kiss you on your cheek?”


Go ahead if you dare.


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