Bat Craft-Song-Children’s Book Theme

bat craft

Bat Craft


Black plastic garbage bag

Two Buttons (any color)

Glue dots


Garbage twist cut in half

One medicine bottle (any size)

Two plastic drinking straws


Wrap a medicine bottle with a piece of a black plastic garbage bag. Leave about an inch of the piece of black plastic above the top of the bottle.

Press the middle down on the top of the bottle to make the ears, tape.

Glue so no part of the bottle is showing.

Take one of the drinking straws and bend into a triangle, placing one end of the straw into the other end and tape.

Cut a square piece from the black garbage bag and wrap the drinking straw  leaving the long piece hanging to cut wings.

Glue wings on each side of the medicine bottle, with wings facing opposite top of bottle.

Glue button eyes on top of the bottle.

Take garbage twist and cut in half.

Wrap it in black garbage bag piece.

Cut one side in a v shape for foot.

Bend twist to make the foot to hold on to a branch.


Friends to the End

By Vicky Manning

(Tune – Adams Family)

They’re special and they’re fun. (click, click)

They’re enjoyable and trusting. (click, click)

Friends are just like diamonds. (click, click)

Friends to the end.

Kiss, Kiss  (mouth motion)  (Click, click )

An Interview with a children’s book character

 “Hey Bob we are glad to have you with us today.”


 Glad to be with you.

 “Bob, can you tell us the name of the book you are a character in?”


 The name of the book is “Bob’s Blue Period.”

 “So you are the main character in this children’s book?”


 I am and I have a friend who is in the book briefly, Bat.

 “Who created you and who is the author of the book?”


 The creator and author are the same, Marion Denchars. She lives in London with her husband and two sons.

 “Tell us about you and your part in the story.”


 I love to paint and my best friend in the whole world is Bat and I’m blue because of something he did.

 “Artists paint from their heart so I can see this problem you had was real.  Did you find your happiness again in the book?”


 I did and when you read the book you will see all my pictures and you will meet Bat, my best friend.

“Wonderful! I bet the illustrations are great as well as the story. Many will relate to your character too. Thanks for being with us today.”


 When you open the book to read it, I will be hanging up-side down with my best friend.


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