Preschool Craft-Song-Theme Children’s Book-“Hangry,” by Drew Brockington


Make a copy

Fold on lines

Makes a happy face/ folding makes a angry face


Angry eyes/ Happy eyes

By Vicky Manning

(Tune: Three Blind Mice )


These are my angry eyes.

These are my angry eyes.

I’m looking at you.

I’m looking at you.

I can stay angry if I want to,

But I choose not to be angry with you.

With my angry eyes

My angry eyes.

Interview with a Children’s Book Character

I have a book today and it is a children’s picture book in graphic style! We have a little monster who is the main character in the book with us.

Little Monster

“Hi everyone! Do you have any food with you?”

“Little monster let’s talk about the book, “Hangry,” then maybe we can find you some food.”

Little Monster

“Okay, but I’m not very good with waiting long for my food, it makes me cranky. If you check out the book written by Drew Brockington you will find me the character he created all by himself. He also made me hungry and then angry. Everyone had food but me!”

“If I don’t get food soon you may see a tantrum.”

“I’ve seen plenty tantrums in my life time Little monster.”

Little Monster

“But, have you ever seen a monster tantrum?”

“Does anyone have a hotdog? We are glad you could come Little monster and here is your hotdog.”

“If you would like to read this cute book, check it out at your local library or buy your own copy! Drew says you can visit him at LBYR.COM

http://Drew Brockington

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