Interview with a Book Character – Theme Bookmarks – Brave

Good afternoon!  Today I’m interviewing Max a book character from the book,”Get me out of this book.”

“Max, we are glad to have you with us today. Can you tell us about your character in the children’s book, “Get me out of this book,” by Kalli Dakos”


Hi! the one thing you must know is I’m not very brave and I’m a bookmark, but in the book I learn a few things to get me through scary situations.

“I remember my mother teaching me to close my eyes count to ten if I had a nightmare in the middle of the night.  She also said if my nightmare was still by my bed after the number ten to scream for her. I never once had to scream for her.”


That is a great idea! Being a bookmark I get into some scary books and some are dangerous. When you read my book you will see some of the ways Navy Seals use to fight fear. The writer says the book is humorous so I’m glad I made people laugh.

“I’m glad the writer has written a book that is funny and gives us ideas to work our way through a scary situation. Remember folks the book title is,”Get me out of this book,” by Kalli Dakos and illustrated by Deborah Cholette. The publisher is Holiday House.

Three Little Book Marks

By Vicky Manning


Three little Book Marks

Placed in a book

They all shouted out

And the book shook, shook!

The first book mark

Was bitten by a shark.

The second book mark

Was snatched by a lark.

The third book mark

Fell into the dark.

All three book marks

Landed in a shady park,

Away from the shark

Away from the lark

And away from the dark!


self stick envelope; cut in half

Take half of the envelope and fold the printed side and fold;stick

Draw a water scene in pencil and give students small circle stickers to color in the picture.

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