Month: July 2019

Crown Craft-song-Children’s book review

Prince Bertram the Bad

“Prince Bertram the Bad,” by Arnold Lobel, originally published in 1963; In this charming fable there was a prince. He was a very bad prince breaking toys, shooting pebbles at townsfolk, and putting spiders in the soup bowl. A witch cast a spell on him one day for his bad behavior.

Read and find out how this classic fable teaches the Golden Rule.

SONGpulling hair

I’ve been Bad

By Vicky Manning


I’ve been bad

I pulled my sister’s hair.

She is crying,

And I do not care.


Momma’s here

She knows I’ve been bad.

I am crying,

Because I am sad.


I am sorry.

I pulled my sister’s hair.

I’m in time out,

And she is doesn’t care.


Being bad

Causes pain all around.

Count to three

And let’s all calm down!



Coffee filter

Printed paper


crown craft shape

Copy larger


Glue cut copy of the crown shape to coffee filter.

Glue printed strip of paper around the crown shape.

Decorate the peaks on the crown.




Elephant Craft – Song – Children’s Book Review

the parade of elephants

A Parade Of Elephants by Kevin Henkes is a precious  book. In the book are elephants! They are marching and teaching one, two, three… and in and out, over and under. Great read for a bedtime book.



By Vicky Manning


Raise, trumpet them, raise, trumpet them

Give a big toot.

Raise, trumpet them, raise, trumpet them

Give a big toot.

Raise, stomp them, raise, stomp them

Stomp your big feet.

Raise, stomp them, raise, stomp them

Stomp your big feet.


white elephant


Two Solo (small shot cups) For legs (cut top slits for plate to fit in)

One napkin (for ear)

Two dinner paper plates (staple plates with fronts of plates together)

Cut the middle out of the third plate keeping an edge of the plate for the tail.

Black marker for marking the eye and outline of the ear.

Two bendable straws taped together.

Glue the head to the body.

Stick the straws inside the plate body above the cut out mouth.

Elephant parade


Back to school crafts

My first day of school I stepped in...

On the first day of school trace the students shoe prints on a piece of white paper or get butcher paper to trace a table of shoe prints.

At the top of the paper write, “My first day of school I stepped in (or on) ______.


my handprint fish

Let students trace their hands to make a fish for their name plates.


stain glass name

Give students, a white sheet of paper and have them write their names in block style.

Color the names or draw pictures inside the letters to color.

Make a stain glass  window around the name with a black sharpie.

Snake name print

Spinning ME



Lion Button Pin craft-Song-Children’s Book Review

Hope the book

Hope by Matthew Cordell is a children’s book about hope of course! The author has written that wherever you are there is hope. A good book to read to children with possibilities and an uplifting message of wisdom and guidance. Lions are the main characters in the book.

Lion and cub

Little Guy

By Vicky Manning

Tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


God made you wonderfully.

You are just who you should be.

Look up and dream away

You will find your place one day.

God loves you so do I

I wish you well little guy.




Doll hair or rope cord



Low heat hot glue gun



Lion button pin

Solo Sock Puppet Craft, Song, Children’s book Theme

Little Sock

Little Sock by Kia Heise & Christopher D. Park has written a story about a sock who wants to leave the sock drawer and see Sock City. The illustrations are colorful and cute as they take a little sock on his nightly visit.

Three Socks


By Vicky Manning

(Tune of – I’m a little teapot)

I’m a little sock black and white

In goes your foot left then right.

I keep your feet warm and cozy.

Just your feet inside of me.



1 sock

1 solo cup

Wiggle eyes

Sticky Foam sheet (Red) or Red Button

1 button

Solo Cup Sock Puppet



PaperCup Craft-Children’s Book Theme

The Blessing Cup

The Blessing Cup by Patricia Polacco is a children’s book based on Patricia’s Great-Grandmother Ann’s life before leaving Russia and about the legacy of the family’s china tea set. In her book it says the tea cup from the original tea set in the story is still in Patricia Polacco’s family today.

I think an older elementary student would enjoy this book and the tradition told.

Instead of a song with the children’s book I think it would be a great idea to have the student or your child to think of a tradition their family has an either write a poem about it or if it involves a craft, then make the craft.


Blessing cup

Copy on Card Stock

Cut Red Lines after you cut out the square

Turn over white side showing and fold the red cut lines to make a triangle on all four sides

This will make the Blessing Cup below

Blessing Cup in color


Owl Nature Art-Song-Children’s Book Theme

Anywhere Artist bookcover

Anywhere Artist by Nikki Slade Robinson will make you want to go out into your yard together materials for an art project. A young girl creates art in this playful book and all her materials are from outside. Parents you have the book and the art supplies right outside your door. You can’t get any better than that for making a fun afternoon with your family.


Nature’s Art

By Vicky Manning

(Tune – I’m Bringing home a Baby Bumblebee)

I’m going on a hunt for leaves and sticks.

Making an art project from natures mix.

 I’m going on a hunt for leaves and sticks.

Look at my picks!

I have my leaves and sticks and small rocks.

All my materials are hidden in my box.

I have my leaves and sticks and small rocks.

Look is my box!


owl nature materials

Materials needed

Draw an picture of an owl or take a free coloring sheet for the students to cover with their nature materials.

You will need glue. 

Take pictures of the art work to hang up. (the morning after the leaves may shrink so the picture will change. Maybe this is a great science project as well!)

Owl Nature Art

Balloon Fly Craft-Song-Children’s Book Theme

old black fly book

The old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth is a book in rhyme, of the alphabet. This old fly is chased throughout the house landing on everything and driving the family crazy. Sit down with this book and have the students clap a beat as you read.  


Black Flies

By Vicky Manning

(Tune of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider)


The black annoying flies

Buzzed around my head.

Mommy got the flyswatter

And the black flies fled.

Mommy left the room

And all the flies came back.

Then I took the flyswatter

And smack, smack, smack!

balloon old black fly

Balloon Black Fly




Black stiff thread

Black Marker

White Paper

Yellow marker

Bobbie pins (for fly legs)

Button Bear Craft-Song-Children’s Book Theme

The Bear in my bed book

The Bear in My Bed was written by Joyce Wan in 2018. A funny teddy bear with underwear on his head gives a little boy and us a picture of bedtime routines in a humorous tale. Sweet book to read to your little ones at bedtime.


Sleeping with my Bear

By Vicky Manning

I’m sleeping with my bear.

I’m sleeping with my bear.

All monsters beware.

I’m sleeping with my bear.

My bear’s sleeping with me.

My bear’s sleeping with me.

All monsters beware.

My bear’s sleeping with me.

bear for poem


Button Bear


Card Stock




Bear Bed

Make a copy on card stock

Color, Glue

Bear body for balloon

Make a copy and cut out.

Color the bear and glue on buttons


Collage Art ABC-Alphabet cheer-Children’s Book Theme

Daytime Visions An Alphabet book

Daytime Visions an Alphabet by Isol

Daytime Visions is a children’s collage of illustrations introducing the alphabet. I picked this book from our library collection because of the art.


Make a collage alphabet book. I have started the book off with a few pictures to add a colorful cut out to glue to the picture. You can cut from scrapbook paper, magazine, or cloth material. the first picture is an apple, so cut out an appe shape to glue on the branch.

A picture

B picture

c picture

ABC for poem

Alphabet Cheer

By Vicky Manning

(To make this fun ask the students to shout out compound words, or ask for two syllables, or things you eat….)  

Repeat cheer for the class

Everyone, clap your hands

And stomp your feet!

Clap, stomp, clap, stomp!

Give up an A for (shout out something that starts with the letter A)

Clap, stomp, clap, stomp!

Give up a B for (shout out something that starts with the letter B)

Clap, stomp, clap stomp!

Give up a C for (shout out something that starts with the letter C)

Clap, stomp, clap stomp!

(At the end of the cheer, have everyone jump and shout for victory of knowing their ABC)