Baked Potato Dog Project

“I have the cutest book character with me today and he has a strange name, Baked Potato.”  We are glad you could come today.”

“Tell us the name of the book and also the author and illustrator.”

Baked Potato

“I’m a Baked Potato,” is the name of the book I’m in.  My creators are author Elise Primavera and illustrator Juana Medina. Elise was written illustrated books for twenty-five years and has received many awards. Juana lives in Washington, DC with her family and dog, Rosita. She was born in Bogota, Colombia.

“How did you get the name, Baked Potato?”

Baked Potato

I was named after baked potatoes because my owner loved them. She said I was smooth, warm, and she loved me so much she could eat me up just like a baked potato.

“Tell us about your owner.”

Baked Potato

I loved her. She taught me so many things. We ate together and slept together. Then one day I lost her and had to go find her.  In the story you will meet the animals I asked for help to find my owner. It was an adventure. I had a hard time and my name did not help me.

“You sound like a dog that would go through many hurts and trials to find your owner.”

Baked Potato

I am I love my owner.  Please read about how I found her. The children’s book is available in libraries and stores.

“We will surely get the book to read and Baked Potato thank you for giving us a chance to get to know you.”

Baked Potato Dog

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