Tree with plate ornaments

“Raccoons are cute little creatures but they are also little devils at times.  I have picked up around my garbage can so many times from their nightly visits.  Today are character guest is Muddy.”

“Muddy, what is the name of the book you are a character in?”


The book is named after me, Muddy, The Raccoon who Stole dishes.

“Who created your character?”


The illustrator is Linda Wolfsgruber born in South Tyrol, Italy.  You can find her work throughout Europe and in the United States and Japan.  She has won many awards. 

The writer of the book is Griffin Ondaatje born in Kingston, Canada. He has written “The Mosquito Brothers” and “The Camel in the Sun.” Griffin has three children and they live in Cambridge, Ortario, Canada, with his family.

“Muddy, I like your name.  How do you think you got that name?”


I live by Mud River, so that may be why Griffin gave me Muddy as a name.

“Can you tell us about your character?”


I love to eat out of the garbage can and I love to eat off plates.  It taste so good and I never know what I will be eating. I like surprises when it comes to eating. I guess you could say I’m a picky eater.

“Does the rest of your family like to eat out of trash cans?”


They like garbage can food but they think it is dangerous to eat it. They also think I could get in trouble if I keep crossing the river to eat out of the restaurant’s garbage can.

“Can you tell us just a little more about the story?”


I was stubborn and went on over to the restaurant for food and got caught by my father.  I had the plate with me and the oldest, wisest raccoon wanted me to make amends.  You will never believe what happens when I go back.

“I guess we need to read the story to find out.  Thank you for coming by and Muddy you are a cute little fellow, stay safe.”


Decorate the paper plate around the edges with stickers, or paint on the rim of the plate
Draw a tree. Hang the paper plate ornaments on the tree. If you have a large tree limb you can put the limb in a large planter and pour sand or dirt to hold it up.

Inside, Up, Down Over Under and By

By Vicky Manning

Raccoon went inside the trash can

Up with his supper

Down to the ground

Over the river

Under a tree

By a lake

To eat  left over steak.

Raccoon went inside the trash can

Up with his supper

Down to the ground

Over the river

Under a tree

By a ditch

To eat his fish.






Little Raccoon is a hungry guy.


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