Pattern Dog for paper art.

“Today I’m interviewing Ms. Leonora and Mr. Carmelo and they are pet owners. We also have their pets here.   

“What is the title of the book you are in Ms. Leonora?”

Ms. Leonora

Who Cares, the name of the book I mean. Ha, ha.

“Mr. Carmelo, can you tell me who created you and Ms. Leonora?”

Mr. Carmelo

Certainly, our creator is Barbara Steinitz.  The German edition was published in 2009. The second edition was published in 2018 by Von dem Knesebeck GmbH & Co. Verlag KG.  The English translation is by Aisha Prigann.

“Ms. Leonora, can you tell us about how you and Mr. Carmelo met?”

Ms. Leonora

We met on while walking our dogs by chance. 

“Mr. Carmelo, what is the children’s book about?”

Mr. Carmelo

Have you ever noticed how dogs usually look like their owners?  The storyline starts by showing pictures of pet owners with their dogs.  Everyone resembled their dogs but me and Ms. Leonora.  We didn’t mind much but the mocking and laughing at us hurt.

“You no longer care what people think or say to you?”

Mr. Carmelo & Ms. Leonora

We certainly don’t.  (They smile at each other as they pet their dogs.) When you read our book you will find out why.  Everything works out for us and our dogs.

“Who Cares!   I love the name of the book. It is perfect.  Thank you for sharing your story with us.  This book is funny and entertaining and parents the pages in the book are waterproof and tear resistant.


Copy and cut out dogs from magazines, books, wallpaper

Zappy Dog

By Vicky

Zap, zap, zap

Tap, tap, tap

Zappy dog change colors for me.

Zap, zap you are red

Like the bug on your head.

Zappy dog change colors for me.

Zap, zap you are brown

Like the dirt on the ground.

Zappy dog change colors for me.

Zap, zap you are pink

Like the flamingo in my drink.

Zappy dog change colors for me.

Zap, zap you are yellow

Like the banana in my Jello.

Zap, zap you are purple

Like the flower in my journal.

Zappy dog changed colors for me

Now I’m happy as can be!

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