Interview with a Children’s Book Character – Monkey theme

We have Mr. Monkey with us today. He is the main character in the book, Mr. Monkey Takes a Hike, by Jeff Mack.

“Mr. Monkey, tell us about your character?”

Mr. Monkey

I like to play games on my computer. I’m athletic and determined.

“In the story you have a problem, can you tell us what happen to you?”

Mr. Monkey

Yes a bird stole my computer controller. I spent a whole day trying to get it back.

“What happen?

 Mr. Monkey

I ran, jumped, and swung and duck to get to the bird.  If you read the book you will see all the places I went that day.

“Did you get the controller for the computer back?”

  Mr. Monkey

Read the book please. I’m too tired to tell you.

“Fair enough, we will read the book and thanks for sharing today.”

Movement Poem

Monkey Goes Hiking

By Vicky Manning

You see the monkey

I see the monkey

So let’s take monkey hiking.

Through the trees

Feel the breeze?

Through the water

See the otter?

Through the weeds

Monkey leads.

Over the rocks

We meet a fox.

Monkey, Fox, and everyone go hiking.

(Repeat the hike and add an animal at the end until the class can’t recall all the animals.)


Cut and glue in the middle of the circle below
Cut around the monkey face and curl the strips around a pencil

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