Day: May 29, 2019

Interview with a Children’s Book Character – Hands

“Have any of you given someone the high five after they or you have succeeded in something?  Today we will be interviewing Sensei who knows a bit about high fives.”

“Sensei, we are glad to have you today. Can you tell everyone the name of the children’s book,  and the author and illustrator who created you?”


High Five was written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.  Adam is living in Spain and Daniel is living in Brooklyn with his wife Sophia and dog Ronni.

“I love to high five people. Can you tell us about your character?”



I could be confused as Big Foot big and mean but, I’m really a nice guy who likes to high five.  When you high five someone you usually are celebrating someone’s accomplishments.  Adam put together a rhyming story about high fiving. 

I also love contest.  You have a chance to compete with others who have your same interest.  In the story I put together a high five contest and invite the readers to join.  I would never put together a contest without showing you how it is done so, I give everyone instructions how to hold your hands so you want injury yourself. 

One more thing, I do not sleep well before the big event.  I guess it is the excitement of the contest.  I love to meet all of the contestants also.  I can’t wait for you to read about some of them because their high fives can be a little tricky!

 “Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers today?”

I want you to get your slapping hands ready and read about the finest fivers in the animal kingdom!

“We will, and thank you for sharing about Adam’s and Daniel’s new book.”


Hand prints of me & a friend

Enlarge to fit 11×17 landscape and smallest margins

High Five

By Vicky Manning

Everybody put your hands in the air.

Spread your fingers and leave them up there.

Now let’s get ready to high five,

As we move in the hand jive.

Touch your tongue high Five one.

Touch your shoe high Five two

Slap your knee high five three.

1 2 3

Everyone put your hands in the air.

Spread your fingers and leave them up there.

High five up high almost to the sky

High five down low almost to your toe

High five to the right

High five to the left

Put up both hands and high five self!