Interview with Children’s Book Characters – Theme Cat

“I can’t wait for you to meet my book character for today, his name is Bruno.”

“Bruno, tell us about your creator, author and the name of the children’s book.”


The name of the book is Bruno the Standing Cat. The author of the book is Nadine Robert. She is a Canadian author and cofounder of the publishing house Comme des geants.  She lives in Montreal with her family.

The illustrator is Jean Jullien a French graphic artist living in London.  He also illustrated the book Imagine.

“Bruno, tell us about your character.”


I can walk on two feet just like you and it has made me a celebrity.  I have my own way of doing cat jobs too that you can find out if you read my story.

“Do you have a friend?”


Yes, his name is Peter. He took me out of a box, I was grateful.  We are best friends.

“What is the coolest thing you can do besides walk on two feet?”


I can skateboard.

“That is something.  We are glad you came today and I look forward to reading about you and Peter and your adventures together.”


Paper Smash Art.

Materials needed

  1. Black Paint
  2. Pink Construction Paper
  3. Wiggle eyes
  4. White Paper

Fold Paper in half ; trace half a cat’s head; lightly go over the line with black paint; smash paper together; open and glue eyes and inside of ears; draw in face.

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