An Interview with a Children’s Book Character & Craft

Everyone dreams and in this interview we learn how animals dream.  The book brings comfort and sleepy eyes. A wonderful nighttime story unfolds as a number of animals are sleeping and dream their way. Pictures in the book remind me of the scratch off art sheets.

The name of the book is Sweet Dreamers by Isabelle Simler and published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.

So today I have a few of the animals to tell you the way they dream

Red-breasted Robin

I dream while bundled into a ball and I’m dreaming about spring.


I dream upside down clinging to the ceiling. As the day shines, I slip into darkness.


I dream safely in my shelter rolled up under a pile of leaves.


I dream in pink.

“Thank you for sharing your dreams and to the young readers go and check this book out or buy your own copy to find out how more animals sleep.”


Download all the pictures below ( make sure to enlarge them )

Let class put their thumb print where the eyes should be and draw eye lashes on the bottom of the eyes.




By Vicky Manning

This is the way a dog and cat sleep (curl into a ball)

This is the way a flamingos sleep (stand on one foot and close eyes)

This is the way a frogs sleep (squat and close eyes)

This is the way chickens sleep (with knees bent under you, sit on calves)

This is the way Daddy sleeps (Snore loud several times)

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