Day: May 23, 2019

An Interview with Children’s Book Character and craft

“Everyone has read or watched Snow White and today I have a book character Smugg who will bring those memories back of reading Snow White.”

“Smugg, we are glad to have you on my blog interview program.  Can you tell us who created you and the name and author of the children’s book?”


The name of the book is the most Terrible of all and the author is Muon Thi Van who has also written more books, In a Village by the Sea and The Little Tree.

The illustrator is Matt Myers and he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Great, can you give us a little information about your character?”


I am the most terrible monster of all over two feet tall.

“Wait a minute. You said the most terrible monster over two feet tall?”


That is what I said, “over two feet tall.”  There is another monster the mirror said was more terrible than me.  I did not like what she said so I went to find this monster. When you read the story you will agree with my mirror also. 

“Are you okay with not being the only most terrible monster?”


I guess so, after all he’s attached to me. (Smugg turns around and we see a small sweet looking monster.)

“Oh how sweet!”


Lady, read the story and then make comments about the small monster’s character!

“Okay we will and thank you both for coming.”


Paper Roll Monster