Day: May 22, 2019

An Interview with Children’s Book Character & Color Sheet

“Pig the Pug we are so glad to be interviewing you today.”

http://Aaron Blabey

Pig the Pug

I guess you want to know all my bad qualities.

“We would like to hear about your creator and about the four books you are in.”

 Pig the Pug

My creator is Aaron Blabey and the publisher of the books is Scholastic Press.

“Can you explain to everyone why you are upset today.”

I’m a pug so I act like a pug. I can’t help myself it is who I am.  I guess my attitude is bad.  Anyway, the first book Pig the Pug, is about me a greedy and selfish dog.  I like my stuff and do not like to share.  I live with Trevor and he is a wiener dog.  He always comes snooping around my stuff. 

Read the book please and see what I learned and maybe it want happen to you!

“So you learned a lesson?”

Pig the Pug

I did and guess what?  My creator was not through with me. The next book is Pig the Pug Fibber. My bad self is also a liar, yelp. I loved to blame Trevor whenever I messed up. He was an easy target and they believed me!

I had fun for some time with the lying but, all things must come to an end.

“I’m glad you are no longer a liar Pig.”

Pig the Pug

Yeah, I learned my lesson in this story but my creator decided to make me feel bad about winning.  I just wanted to win because it made me feel good.  I’m a pretty bad loser.

Trevor was the nice one our creator wrote. He tried to tell me to just have fun but I can’t. I have to win! I did it again I messed up bad.

“Winning does make you feel good but it makes you feel better when you are not cheating.”

 Pig the Pug

I know but remember my creator is making me look bad.  The next book I’m in, Pig the Stinker, is about how dirty I get. I’m a dog for crying out loud! But back to what was written about me. I played with unspeakable muck and bad odors did not offend me. I actually like to smell stinky stuff. My favorite thing is to play in the toilet.

“At my house when my pets get dirty we bath them.”

Pig the Pug

I don’t like baths but Trevor does.

“Another lesson was learned?”

Pig the Pug

Yes and it is a good thing I learn my lessons because if I didn’t I would be sorry.

 Pig the Pug

I have one more book you might want to hear and the name of it is Pig the Elf.

“This book sounds like it might be adorable.”

Pig the Pug

Adorable, you do remember who you are interviewing?  I was adorable but the writer wrote I was greedy as well.  I could not wait for Santa to come. My list was long because I wanted much. 

I will not tell you the whole story but I will say one thing, never bite Santa on his rosy behind!

“Well I thank you for being a good sport today. Hold your chin up Pig you never know your writer my write a nice thing about you one day.”

  Pig the Pug

Now what fun would that be?

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