Day: May 20, 2019

Interview with Hank and Rosie Children’s Book Characters from “Noboby Hugs A Cactus”

http://Carter Goodrich

Good Afternoon,

Everyone who reads this interview will fall in love with this little guy and his girl. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Hank and Rosie.

“Hank I’m looking forward to this interview today.”


Thank you, Rosie and I are glad to be here today.

“So let’s start by telling us who created you.”


Rosie and I were created by Carter Goodrich. I believe you have interviewed two other characters from another book he has written and illustrated.

“Yes we have interviewed two other characters from his book Say Hello to Zorro.

“Can you tell us about your character?”


You aren’t going to believe this but I was once was a loner and maybe a little cranky. I had a big window to set in and the sun in my face. I was happy to be by myself.

Several passed by my window but I did not care for it much.

“So you were cranky. You don’t seem to be that way today.”


I changed my mind about being by myself. It hurt to hear nobody wants to hug a cactus too. I knew I needed to change my attitude.

“Had you ever thought about what it would be like to be hugged?”


Not really. I guess I was just into being by myself. No one ever really tried to be very close to me. I was cranky remember.

“So Rosie, what did you think of Hank.”


He was cranky so I moved along quickly.

“I see you are stuck to him now.”


We are stuck together but it is pretty nice.

“Hank are you enjoying the company?”


I would not have it any other way.

“So how did this change happen?”


We can’t tell you everything! Our children’s book is available now. So go on buy the book and read it.


Hank you are being cranky again.


Sorry everyone my crankiness still sneaks out every once in awhile.

“You are forgiven and thank both of you for a great interview.”

An Interview with Mario a children’s Book character

http://Carolina Zanotti

Good Morning,

Today I’m interviewing Mario a book character from Carolina Zanotti children’s book, Mario and the Aliens.

“Mario we are glad to have you with us today.”


I’m thrilled to be here.

“Mario, can you tell us about the Author who created you?”


Carolina Zanotti is a journalist and loves to write theater shows for children. She specializes in music and theater.  Carolina created me and my alien friends.

“She is a busy woman. I see that Happy Fox Books is the publisher and you were introduced to us this year, 2019.


Yes, and I can’t wait to tell you about my friends and how I met them!

“Well please do so.”


I was on my computer when I heard them land. It was loud and in my back yard.  I went outside to see what caused the noise and found a spaceship!  The spaceship was purple, round and really big. When I got closer an alien was looking at me.  Before I took off running I saw many different shapes and sizes of aliens, way too many for me to stick around and see what they wanted. I needed help.

When I turn to run they stopped me and said, “We just want to play.”  They came to play with me!

“So Mario what did you do with them?”


I had to come up with something fast and I did, I went to get my computer, but they did not want to play on the computer.  The only thing I could see in sight was my bike, so one of the aliens, Yorso, rode the bike but was not very good at it.  After everyone cheered him on he got better.

Before the day was finished we had played with many of my and my sisters toys.  The aliens really enjoyed the day.  My favorite thing we played was a game of soccer.

“Do you think your friends will come back some day?”


I hope so. We had a great time and guess what else. I never missed my computer!

“Mario you talked about the aliens and how much fun you had but you did not tell us much about how they looked.”


That’s because I want everyone to get the book and see the illustrations Tamypu created for this story!

“Okay then, thank you for coming to tell us about the story you are in and also about your creators, Mario.”

Purple Spaceship


By Vicky Manning

A purple spaceship lands on a mountain. (Curve fingers and place hand on arm)

Out pops a green alien rolling down the mountain. (Snap fingers and roll arms over each other)

Out pops an orange alien hopping down the mountain. (Snap fingers, hop fingers across arm)

Out pops a black alien flying down the mountain. (Snap fingers, wiggle fingers overhead)

Out pops a red alien running down the mountain. (Snap fingers, run fingers down arm)

The green alien takes a person wearing ____________. (Add something in the space a child is wearing and pick a child and bring him to stand with you)

The orange alien takes a person wearing ____________.

The black alien takes a person wearing _____________.

The red alien takes a person wearing _______________.

The purple spaceship hovers over the group.

It zaps up the green alien and the person wearing _____________. (Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the orange alien and the person wearing _____________.(Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the black alien and the person wearing _____________.(Snap fingers, clap hands)

It zaps up the red alien and the person wearing _____________ (Snap fingers, clap hands) and

they all fly away in a purple spaceship. (Curve fingers and lift hand off of arm)