Interview with Children’s Book Characters

Say Hello To Zorro! By Carter Goodrich (Interview by Vicky Manning)

My guest today is Mister Bud and Zorrohttp://Carter Goodrich

Welcome to my first of many interviews with famous characters from children’s books.

“Good morning Mister Bud and Zorro.”

“Mister Bud, can you tell me who gave life to you in the book, Say Hello to Zorro?”

Mister Bud

Zorro and I were created by Carter Goodrich. I’m pretty sure he thought of me first since I’m mentioned first in the story. Carter Goodrich upon this story has illustrated sixteen New Yorker covers and was the lead character designer for Despicable Me Finding Nemo, Monsters. Inc, Open Seasons, and Ratatouille.

“Zorro, can you give up more information about the book you are a character in?”


Yes, but first Mister Bud and I were created at the same time and both of us are important to the storyline. My name, only, is in the title of the book but Mister Bud is mentioned first in the story line.

Carter Goodrich won the International Animated Film Society’s Annie Award for design in the movies Mister Bud mentioned. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and has twice been awarded the gold medal from Society of Illustrators in New York.

“Mister Bud can you tell us who the publisher of the book “Say Hello to Zorro is?”

Mister Bud

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

“Mister Bud can you give me and others details about your character?”

Mister Bud

I was living the good life. Everything was about me and I liked it that way. I had my own house, bed, toys, dish and schedule. If you read my book you will find I had a time for everything and it never changed till one morning. In one moment all about me became all about two. I never had to share a thing in my whole lifetime, now before me stood Zorro!

He was always in my way and I did not like the eye contact he was giving me, so I did what any other dog would do, I snapped and growled at him. I was told I had to get along with him and that was hard. He was so bossy.

Something happened with our relationship that I may never understand. Zorro had something in common with me, he had my same schedule!

“Zorro can you give me and others your view about your character?”


I never as asked about moving into a home with Mister Bud. I too thought I would be the only pet but I was wrong. Mister Bud was not very welcoming and he growled at me first. Nobody is going to intimidate me into doing what they want me to do.

After a few days of trying to find my place in this family I noticed that me and Mister Bud had the same schedule and not only that it was kind of fun going on walks together and taking naps together. When we eat I still like my own bowl has does he.

“So you two finally come to the conclusion that having a friend to live with was not so bad?”

Zorro and Mister Bud

Yes but we still have our moments.

“Thank you for giving us a great interview. Readers I hope you will go out and check this book out.  Next interview will be with the little Guys. Read, Share, and Create. Signing off Vicky Manning

Sharing Game

Have class to go into center time. After they have partnered with a friend or friends tell them they will roll a dice and the number they roll will be the next group they will be in a center with. (This will teach them to be friends with diffenrent people in their class and they will learn to share when working together.

Hand Print Ears

Paint child’s hand brown or black and press on each side of the dog head

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