Preschool Story “Shaving Cream Day”

The topic today is shaving cream. Shaving cream is a fun activity for preschoolers right? You see it in lesson plans for art or teaching to write numbers and so on. I too had shaving cream added to my lesson plan but my experience was somewhat different than most teacher’s experiences.

“Okay, today we are going to draw pictures with shaving cream.”

“Can we have lots of cream on our table?” asked one student.

“I will give you enough to work with.”

Everyone had shaving cream in front of them and was drawing pictures as told to do at first. One young man decided his best friend would look good with a white beard like Santa Clause.

“Class keep the shaving cream on the table please.”

Another child decided to coat their arms in the cream as did the rest of the table. The fun began after this point. Now most teachers would not let this get out of control in the classroom but, come on I’m working with preschoolers and they were having the best time.

Within a few minutes we had shaving cream covered students who were laughing, giggling and putting their shaving cream on all their friends. My assistant went to get the Director who then went to get the Assistant Pastor. After seeing what some may call a disaster, the Assistant Pastor went to get his video camera and came back to make a video of my class.

After the class was video, the Pastor said, “This would only happen in your room Vicky.” Yep, I thought as I looked around to a class of very happy students.

We took the students down to the gym to shower them off in their clothes, another fun activity that was not plan! At nap time everyone slept well!

I have to add this, at the end of the year, my class was the stars of parents night. The video was shown of our year of memories. Preschool is something every child should get to experience. Yes, their little minds are like sponges and they learn many skills but they also have fun socializing and making friends.

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