Counting Project Cats

Counting with Tiny Cat by Viviane Schwarz

Tiny cat loves to count in this story but he is counting yarn balls that are way too many for him to count!

This book is simple and sweet. My Story Play group is the perfect age for this reading. The story is fast and the pictures will grab their attention.

Pom-Pom number Game.

The copy below can be used to make a pom-pom number game.

Copy ten cats and put a number on the circle above the cats head.

Tape the cats to make a circle and they will stand up.

Put a small plastic cup in front of the cats.

Place pom-poms on the table with the counting game.

Game piece or finger puppet

Yarn, Kittens and Margaret

By Vicky

Five balls of yarn are lying in a basket.

Five silly kittens playfully toss it.

One ball of yarn rolls into the closet.

One ball of yarn rolls on the carpet.

One ball of yarn rolls into a bonnet.

One ball of yarn rolls into a rocket

One ball of yarn rolls right to Margaret!

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