Day: May 7, 2019

Spaceship “Book Title” Contest

For a passive program this summer I have covered a white spaceship we bought from Orential Trading with pictures from children book jackets. I made a master list of book titles and numbered them, then cut out the pictures from the book jackets placing a number on each picture to match my master list.

We always give away bikes each summer after summer reading. I will give each student another chance to win a bike if they will try to guess as many book titles as possible.

Have fun this summer!


The Woods by Rob Hodgson

Three foxes are looking for rabbits. They look high and low after finding a sign, which points to the woods, saying RABBITS. They can’t find them but they are there following the foxes.

I love the animals that are in shapes, circle, square, and rectangle. Give the students shapes to make their foxes and rabbits.

Paper shape Foxes

Three Silly Foxes

By Vicky Manning

Three Silly foxes hunting in the trees

One is climbing

One is trotting

One is running

And then they all Freeze!