2nd Preschool Story – Baby Powder Skating

By Vicky Manning

I’m still fighting a chest infection at home. I feel some what better! today I washed my two dogs, and gave them their summer cut. This time of the year is the time my husband usually gets the colds. I’m the lucky one this year.

Here is another preschool story from my teaching days.

It had been a long week of cold rain. The class was going stir crazy as was I. I look through one of my preschool books I bought from Teacher’s Pet. The children were sleeping and I had promised them we were going to have a fun activity waiting for them after nap.

I came across what I thought was easy for me to set up. As I read the whole page I saw I had all the materials I needed, wax paper, masking tape, baby powder. I read over the directions for this inside ice skating event, or I should say baby powder…. on I don’t want to go there just yet!

The class woke up and one child thank me for not playing my classical music at nap time. The day before I turned the radio on and the music was great until Psycho, from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, was playing their theme song. I was sitting at my desk working on my next month’s class plans. A little hand touched my back, “Ms Vicky, I’m scared,” he said.

“What is the matter?”

“The lady is screaming and the music is scary,” he said.

I rushed over and turned the music off and he slept the rest of his nap in my lap.

Back to the afternoon skating adventure. My class watched as I moved all the table and chairs to the side. I told them to not put on their shoes and to keep their socks on because we were going to skate in the classroom.

One of my students told me we would need roller skates to skate and I told her not today, in my classroom. They watched as I placed the wax paper to the floor and taped it down till I has a nice big square. Then I put a small layer of baby powder across the wax paper.

The class stood on the paper as I told them how to move their feet in a skating motion. They followed my directions but the paper did not seem as slick as it should be. So I told everyone to get off a minute and I would put down more baby powder.

They returned to the paper and it was slicker and they were slipping and sliding and having a big old time as a white cloud began to whirl around them. A few of the children started coughing. I opened the door and told the students to line up at the door we were going to the next room or to the hall.

I shut the door to baby powder bomb cloud! It was all in my room! I guess that last bit of baby powder was not a good idea. I went to my Director who was never surprised by my clever class plans. I told her I found a cool idea in one of my preschool books for the class but it didn’t go so well.

She walked to the class with me and I know she really did not want to open the door but she did.

“Yes, Vicky you are right it did not go so well.”

“I guess I had better open a few windows and get the classes shoes and bags for home. We can stay in the room next to us.”

“That’s a good idea, and Vicky, you might want to scratch out the skating activity for future classroom plans.”

I heard her chuckling as she walked away. I loved that woman and one day wanted to be just like her.

By the way this idea was going okay until I put more baby powder on the wax paper. Lesson learned for this big preschooler, follow directions!

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