We are getting ready for summer reading! I had some items come in the mail for one event. I love all the programs we plan. Every Thursday a special program is held downstairs with the summer’s theme in mind. We usually have over 300 students attending.

This year I have three maker’s space events, a Star Wars event, and a play in July. I guess you can see my summer’s fly by.

Today I have a new book to share with you called Raj and the Best Day Ever! By Sebastien Braun

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can have fun without spending money?” Well I heard it a great deal of the time growing up because we did not have a lot of money. In this book, Raj and his Dad plan to have a great day in town. Dad forgets his billfold so they have no money, but you can enjoy the day without money, right?  They go to the park and float a boat and then make a picture on the ground with nature items. While eating a picnic lunch the wind blows their list of things do. Dad holds up Raj to get the list out of the tree but a bird beats him to the list, takes it and flies away. Dad once again saves the day by becoming a superhero that flies them home.

When they get home the door is lock but Raj remembers he has a key in his backpack. Guess what was also in the backpack, the billfold.


A map for Raj’s day

Read the book to the class and tell them to listen as you read about all the activities Raj and his dad enjoy after finding they have no money.

After you read the story let them draw on the map above the parts they remember from the story.

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