Paper Chair

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. I’m ready to get back to work on finding children’s books that are great reads for pre- school age children.

Today I have the book The Perfect Sofa. Can you remember making furniture for your Barbie dolls? I may be giving my age away by asking this question but I can remember my mother sitting me and my sister down to show us how she made chairs for her dolls to sit in when she was a little girl. You will find the chair today at the bottom of this blog. I made my chair out of cardstock. Back when my mother made her chairs they were made from Sears catalogs or cereal boxes.

The perfect sofa by Fifi Kuo –

I know for a fact the illustrating this book had to be fun. Colorful pictures with a simple storyline of two animals, Panda and penguin, going shopping for a sofa is what you will find when you open the book. I’m going to have a blast putting together things for the students to build their perfect sofa.


By Vicky Manning

One little, two flora, three paisley chairs

Four little, five dotted, six striped chairs

Seven little, eight plaids, nine checked chairs,

Ten little colorful chairs

Come sit with Me

By Vicky Manning

Come and sit down with me, down with me, down with me.

Come and sit down with me on my comfy chair.

Come and swing slow with me, slow with me, slow with me.

Come and swing slow with me on my restful swing.

Come and rock awhile with me, awhile with me, awhile with me.

Come and rock awhile with me on my rocking chair.



Cardstock, cardboard, cereal boxes

Let your class make their own chairs from the materials you give them. I would love to see some of their creations!

Fold paper in half and cut on the fold; Open and adjust arms; You can round off top or bottom

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