Mermaids Fast Asleep by Robin Riding – When I have my next night time Storytime this book will be on my list to read. Written in rhyme the story takes you on a trip where mermaids live and sleep. This is a quiet tone story which will send your little ones to bed with good dreams

Mermaids Bedtime song

By Vicky Manning

Go to sleep, go to sleep

Go to sleep little mermaid.

Listen to the ocean waves,

As it rocks you to sleep.

All the fish will embrace you

As you go to La La sea

And you can dream

of how much we love you.

Enlarge Mermaid to the size youe want.

Give class colored pencils, markers, or crayons to design the Mermaids Fins

Before you cut the fins, put colored paper behind it.

From the top of the fin to the hip cut outside the line to give room to glue the fin.

After the glue dries slide the fin up the Mermaid’s legs.

I would use thicker paper for this project.

Have Fun!

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