Swarm of Bees by Lemony Snicket & Rilla Alexander – At first I was getting bored with the storyline but enjoying the pictures very much. I have always heard the illustrations are very important for a children’s book and this book is that example to me.  The students might get restless in the middle of the book but keep entertaining them with the pictures. (I want to make note I read to 3 and four year olds.) The end of the book gives away the meaning of the story by the action words; angry bees are now warm and cozy, calm. Also the next page is “It can feel good to be angry, and it can feel better to stop.

Here is the Beehive                                                                Bee Sting       

(Not sure who wrote this poem.)                                          By Vicky Manning

Here is the beehive.                                                                 Here’s a bee on my nose

Where are the bees?                                                                Here’s a bee on my toes

Hidden away where nobody sees?                                         Here’s a bee on my knee

Here they come creeping                                                        Here’s the bee that stung me!

Out of the hive

1,2,3,4,5, Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Busy little Bee

By Vicky Manning

Busy little bee

Crawling up my sleeve

Please don’t sting me!

Making Honey

By Vicky Manning

Bee to clover

Bee to flower

Bee to honeycomb

Honey to my home!

Fingerprint Bee

Let the students use their fingerprints to color up the bee. Have fun!

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