Storytelling Festival

Last night started off our first ever Story Telling Festival at the Lee County Library. Our line up of speakers were: Rebecca Jernigan and Wendy Garrison and Antonio Rocha. Today we have the speakers from last night plus Carrie Sue Ayvar, and Laurie McBride. We also put in one workshop given by Mary Frances Massey.

Last night we had a small crowd of thirty. I think this is a good number for the first program. Rebecca Jernigan and Wendy Garrison told us the story of a Prince of Darkness at the crossroads in the Delta. The story and blues music set the tone as creepy entertaining. After the storytelling they gave a sign language version of the story.

Antonio Rocha, this man had some moves, pantomime moves, that drew the audience into his program. He was funny and his story settings were from other countries.

I’m sitting here waiting for our next programs hoping we have a great audience for the group of storytellers today. It is raining and I can’t think of a better way to spend the day, fingers are crossed!

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