The Chickens are Coming by Barbara Samuels

I wanted chickens before we bought our home in New Albany. As a matter of fact it was one reason we kept looking for houses in the country. I know what you are thinking, you can have chickens in town with a small coop, but I can’t because during Thanksgiving one year one of my guest burst out laughing while we were eating our dinner because she saw a lady across the street from me walking her chicken with a dog collar. I laughed too be was thinking she must be crazy.

Well this story brought that memory back to this day and time. A mommy is all for raising chickens in the city. When they arrive there is a big problem the chickens won’t lay eggs. I personally think the city noises were the problem but it also could be they heard a mean old lady laughing at them across the street. 

I know the children will love the story and I can assure you I will have special guests, CHICKENS!

Love My Chicks

By Vicky Manning

(Sung to I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing)

I’d like to build my chicks a home

And furnish it with hay

Harvest mealworms and cracked corn

And leafy greens each day.

I’d like to teach them how to sing

Fresh eggs are on the way

I’d like to hold them in my arms

And love them every day.



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