Texture Art

 The Big Angry Roar by Johnny Lambert Art work is Texture patterns. How do you deal with anger? One little cub went looking for a way to get his anger in control. Animals in the jungle try to help him but he does not agree with their ways such as stomping, charging, crashing, and splashing, it seemed so silly. One jungle animal had the best advice and the little cub’s anger was gone. I love the ending of the book when he tells his mother he is sorry.

The second book to introduce is

Spend it! By Cinders McLeod

A mother rabbit teaches her young rabbit, Sonny, about choices with is money. It is very hard for him to not spend his allowance. “I want everything.” This book has a good lesson on money management and all kinds of lesson plans can be created from this book.

I have picked the top book for my art project. I hope your students enjoy making a texture Zebra.

Texture Art

Print the Zebra outline on the largest paper (11 by 17)

Cut out stripes of newspaper for the class to glue on the zebra

Cut several pieces of black yarn for his tail.

For eyes pom- pom balls


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