Puddle by Richard Jackson(Theme Puddles)

Puddle is the main character and she is getting stepped on, stomped on, and animals are also stepping through her. The things she has to go through after a big rain is disgusting, but then something special happens and the children see it. A rainbow of colors appears in the puddle and it is beautiful. 

Stomping in Puddles

By Vicky Manning

I’m a little puddle on the ground.

I’m filled with water from the rain.

If your take your foot and stomp real hard

Water will splatter all around!

Three little Puddles

By Vicky Manning

Three little puddles are on the ground.

Three little animals are splashing around.

A tadpole, a frog, and one muddy dog,

Are enjoying their puddle they found.


Making puddles

Bring a small swimming pool into your reading area. Let your class take off their shoes, roll up their pants and splash in the water. (Make sure to bring towels and have a painter’s plastic sheet under your pool. I would not fill the water fill, just enough to create a puddle.


Puddle Art

Take a light blue piece of paper

Make a puddle in the middle of the paper

Move the puddle around on the paper (The water will run off the paper so place over a trash can)

It is water so the art will disappear as a puddle in the sun. Keep the art up so they can see as it turns into a ghostly creature.

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