The Cave by Rob Hodgson (Theme Caves)

Someone lives in the cave but he won’t come out for a sly fox.  No matter what is put in front of the cave he stays, until the fox gets close with a doughnut. He comes out and the fox runs into the cave and he will not come out. I guess he is afraid of the big bear!  Really fun book to read.



By Vicky Manning

(Make the cave by placing fingers one over the other and thumbs on top of each other. This will create a hole for the children to look through. Next hold up different pictures you might find in a cave and let the children look through their cave to see them.)

This is a cave.

Look inside

Do you see a bear?

You better hide!

This is a cave

Look inside

Do you see a bat?

You better hide!


It’s time to drag out your sheets and let the children make caves under tables. Put out masks so they can pretend to be animals running in and out of the caves.




Plate Cave Craft

  1. Take two white plates
  2. In one plate glue a black circle in the middle
  3. Cut a round circle in the other plate
  4. Have students paint their cave
  5. Let paint dry then staple or glue plates together
  6. Put sticker eyes inside the circle on the black paper



After folding the fox, add the eyes and nose

Place a popscile stick behind the fox and tape it and the fox to the side of the cave.

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