Wild Boy by Cori Doerrfeld (Theme Jungle)

Every page begins with the word wild because it is a cute wild book. A little monkey has a wild day in the park. While reading this book the word Wild will be spoken with my funny voice to grab the attention quickly at each page.


  1. White paper
  2. Brown paint
  3. Marker (black or brown)


  1. Fold the paper in half.
  2. On one side of the fold, make a half circle with the paint, (squeeze from the bottle a line of paint) facing the fold.
  3. On each side of the fold (one line for the arm and one line for the leg) place the lines about 11/2 inch from the fold.
  4. Fold the paper
  5. Open and draw in the monkey face and tummy.
Monkey Paint Press

Jungle in Motion

By Vicky Manning


(This is an inaction story children must not sit down but they should act out each move)

Monkeys are swinging through the trees.

Tigers are stalking through the undergrowth.

Elephants are stomping to the water hole.

Birds are soaring over the jungle.

Alligators are swimming in muddy rivers.

Army ants are marching through the jungle ground.

Snakes are slithering and winding around undergrowth.

People are tip toeing through the jungle.

Be very quiet, the animals are all around us.

Look behind you!  Run! Run! Run!

There’s a rock let’s hide behind it.

We are safe from the jungle in motion.

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