Day: March 27, 2019

Something Smells by Blake Liliane Hellman – Activities

A young boy named Elliot was on a mission one morning looking for a terrible smell. Read book to students and have them to make a face like they have smelled something stinky. Tell them to make a face after Elliot looks in different places for the smell. In your classroom it would be fun to take pictures of the stinky faces and post them in your room with this adorable book as the center piece

Stinky Games to play

Where is the Stinky rag?

Hide a rag in the room and have the students look for it by using their nose. A dirty dish rag works the best or a rag with oil on it.

Garbage can Basket Ball

Place about three garbage cans in your classroom for students to pitch their basketballs in.

Stinky Socks

Put shaving cream in socks and have students race to see which team can get their sock on first and then run to the finish line.

Sticky Book

Make eight copies for each child

Give colored scent markers to class

Put books together with staples, clips, or yarn

Smelly Stinky Stuff!

By Vicky Manning

(Have children smell themselves, make faces, and try different places on their clothes)

Something smells really nasty.

Can you smell it?

Take a whiff.

Can you find it around me?

Something smells really shocking.

Can you smell it?

Take a whiff.

Can you find it, it is rotting?

Something smells really terrible.

Can you smell it?

Take a whiff.

Can you find it, it’s unbearable?

Something smells really awful.

Can you smell it?

Take a whiff.

Can you find it, it is dreadful!



Very unbearable!



I guess we can agree

It just might be me!


I enjoyed my Manga Book Club tonight. We made bookmarks and the club members picked out some books they wanted to see in our library. The best part of the night was a Manga charade game I made up. I picked about eight books from our collection and made cards from the titles within the book. It is very fun to make your own game.


Have fun making your own game!