Yoo – Hoo Lady Bug by Laura Ljungkvist

One of the best interaction books for young children is “Yoo-Hoo Lady Bug.” With this book I recommend scanning the lady bug pictures and showing the pictures as you read on a Projector screen.  This way the whole class can look for the lady bug as you read. Make sure you have the students to shout, (Yoo-Hoo Ladybug! Where are you?) before showing each picture.

Five little ladybugs are sitting on my finger

By Vicky Manning

  The first little ladybug red and sassy

    Flew off my finger and flew to Tallahassee.

      The second little ladybug red and feeling low

        Flew off my finger and flew to Tupelo.

          The third little ladybug red and a menace

            Flew off my finger and flew to Memphis.

              The fourth little ladybug orange and mighty

                Flew off my finger and flew to Hawaii.

                  The fifth little ladybug orange and snug stayed on my finger snug as a bug.

I Spied a Ladybug.

By Vicky Manning

Little ladybug I spied you

On the tree before you flew.

Fly over here will you please

I can’t follow up in the trees.

You can land upon my nose.

You can crawl down to my toes.

Ladybug Games

Ladybug Moves by Vicky Manning

  • Clear an area to make a life-size board game.
  • Take a roll of masking tape and make a square of squares. Make the squares large so the children can stand in them.
  • Give the first child a dice to roll.
  • After rolling the dice they are to take the number of steps shown on the dice.
  • You will have the instructions for the place they have landed.
  • Tell them what to do.
  • Give the dice to the next child.
  • The first child who gets their ladybug to her new home wins.

Ladybug Moves

Setting up the life size board game

Number each square in the Ladybug game.

Start at one corner to roll.

Decorate around the inside of the game with simple pictures (Use foam board for the pictures. Cut the board in half and make a slit in the bottom of each board. Take another board and cut short side across 2 inches wide.  Use the strips to anchor the pictures.

  • First picture draw a lady bug.
  • Second picture draw a cat in the tree.
  • Third picture draw a bullfrog on a log.
  • Fourth picture draw a broom with a ladybug on the bristles.
  • Fifth picture draw a window with a spider in the corner.
  • Sixth picture draw a dog chasing a cat.
  • Seventh picture a mail truck with a ladybug on it.

The first picture will be placed by Block #1.

The second picture will be placed by Block #4 (Tell the child they have landed in a tree with a cat and need to fly up one more block.)

The third picture will be placed by Block #9. (Tell the child to go back to block #3 before the bullfrog eats them up!)

The fourth picture will be placed by Block # 12. (Tell the child they have been swept to block #14.)

The fifth picture will be placed by Block #14. (Tell the child they have been spied by a spider and need to move back to Block #6.)

The Sixth picture will be placed by Block #15. (Tell the child they are taking a ride on the dog that is chasing the cat back to Block#4.)

The seventh picture will be placed by Block #18. (Tell the child they are riding on the mail truck to their new home, #20, and will become the winner.)

My game board has six blocks on each side.

Ladybug craft

You should be able to make copies and make the larger or smaller. If you can’t please comment and I will try to figure out why.

You will need a white paper bag to glue the ladybug on.

Flatten the bag and place the lady bug in the middle of the bag. Cut the bag around the wings. Use a black marker to draw and color in the face. Draw the antennas.

Ladybug dots for craft

Ladybug eyes

Ladybug body.

The finished craft

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  1. Looks great, Vicky. Who doesn’t love Ladybirds? (As we call them here)
    Many thanks for following my blog, and best wishes from England. 🙂

  2. I worked with special needs children for years as a substitute aide and teacher at times, and I always loved reading aloud to my children. They love books so much, and a good book can calm the most distraught child for sure. Thank you for the lovely Ladybugs review and the game, etc. I know children would just love it! Thank you very kindly.

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