Today I am reading The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. I love to use a storyboard with this book. I can put up pictures of the things little bunny and his mother say they will become.

After the story take down the pictures and see if the students can remember what the little bunny says he will become and what the mother will do to find him.

Song and Fingerplay

Little Bunny on the Run (sing to I’m a Little Teapot tune)

By Vicky Manning

I’m a little bunny on the run.

Mommy can’t catch me I’m a fast one.

If she tries to find me I will hide,

Turn into a bird and fly seaside.

Little Bunny

By Vicky Manning

Little bunny with long white ears, (Make bunny ears with two fingers up)

Watch closely as he disappears. (Hide finger ears behind your back)

Little bunny with a powder puff tail, (Wiggle fingers behind lower back)

Watch closely as he reappears. (Bring finger ears back in front)

Group Games for Runaway Bunny Book

Hiding Bunnies

  • Have students stand in a circle holding hands. Pick one child to be the mommy bunny.
  • Student will walk around the circle touching each back and repeating carrot.
  • Student will shout out bunny.
  • The student whose back is touched on the word bunny will run after mommy bunny leaving the circle of hands broken in that spot.
  • Mommy bunny will run to the spot left by the student and hide inside the circle, and the circle of students will close up the gap by holding hands.
  • Play game until the students left holding hands can no longer fit all the bunnies in the circle.

Simon Says Hop Little Bunnies

  • You are Simon.
  • Tell them what to do and they will follow directions only if Simon says.
  • Simon says hop two times forward.
  • Simon says hop in circles.
  • Simon says hop over friends back.
  • Simon says hop to Simon.
  • Simon says hop to the left.
  • Simon says hop to the right.
  • Simon says eat a carrot.
  • Simon says hop as fast as you can.
  • Now you make up your own Simon says commands.

Bunny Craft

Bunny Craft (Glue a cotton ball on the back of bunny)

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