Dr. Seuss Theme

Every year I look forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday. “Green Eggs and Ham,” is my favorite story to read. This book is perfect for reader’s theater. Grab another teacher or you and your husband read the book together for a great story time experience.


Make copies of the blank hat from the game page. You can resize to fit middle finger of students.

Paint one middle finger red and press on hat with white spaces in between.  Less is better when painting finger. See picture below.

Finger Print Cat in the Hat Art


Dice Roll for Cat in the Hat Game

Cat in the Hat Game

  • Make commands for dice and paste inside.
  • Commands(Take one stripe from another team, Take all your teams stripes off, Take one stripe away, WIN, Take two stripes away, and Take one stripe away.
  • Cut out hat and stripes for each team.
  • Cut out a dice for each team.
  • Place hat and dice in front of teams.
  • Pick a team leader for each team.
  • The teams will roll the dice upon your command.
  • Follow the directions on the dice.
  • First team to fill their hat with stripes wins the game.

Scramble, Ramble

By Vicky Manning

You put a yellow egg in. ( use plastic Easter eggs or make believe)

You Take a green egg out.

You put a green egg in,

And you cook and shout. (uck!) (open up Easter egg and shake it)

You do the scramble ramble ( rotate fist in a stir motion)

And you eat it all up. (eating motion)

That’s what it’s all about!

You put a brown ham in. (hand in)

You take a green ham out. (hand out)

You put a green ham in, (hand in)

And you cook and shout. (uck!)

You do the sizzle swizzle, (wiggle fingers in the air)

And you eat it all up. (eating motion)

That’s what it’s all about.

Lost Cat by Vicky Manning

Oh where, oh where is the cat with the hat.

Oh where, oh where can he be?

A tall, tall hat and noisy is he,

Oh where, oh where can he be?

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