“It Came in the Mail,”by Ben Clanton

I can remember as a child wanting to get mail. The excitment of opening up a package, in my case was clothes from my grandmother in Memphis, and modeling my new dresses. Also my family received several Christmas cards and Birthday cards through the mail.

In this book a young boy also loved to get mail, but he never got any until one day he had an idea. “Dear Mailbox, I would like to get something in the mail. Something BIG! PLEASE! Love, Liam.”

When reading this book we will bring out the entertainer. Let’s make up a funny voice for Liam and use your voice for reading everything else in the book. Don’t panic here! We all have a voice we can change to make children laugh. Don’t be shy.

Make sure you read through your book several times before reading to your child or class. Practice your funny voice and have fun.

Mailbox craft
Stick Dragon Puppet

There’s a Dragon in my Mailbox (sung to “If Your Happy and You Know It”)

By Vicky Manning

There’s a dragon in my mailbox, oh my.

There’s a dragon in my mailbox, oh my.

There’s a dragon in my mailbox

And his wearing pants and grey socks.

There’s a dragon in mailbox, oh my.

Inside My Mailbox

By Vicky Manning

What’s hiding in the mailbox?

Shall we see?

    There is

        One bill for dad,

            One magazine for mom,

                One book for sister,

                    one package for brother, and

                        way back in the back is one angry bee!


  • Take a toy mailbox, (you can purchase a mailbox around Valentine’s Day in the holiday section,)

Put different items in a mailbox. Let each student have a chance to touch then guess what is inside the mailbox.

  • Take the same mailbox and give students a pile of different items to put in the mailbox. (Blocks, plastic toys, cotton balls, balls, or a few things you might pull out) Ask the question, how many of each items were you able to place in the mailbox and shut the lid?

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