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Yoo – Hoo Lady Bug by Laura Ljungkvist

One of the best interaction books for young children is “Yoo-Hoo Lady Bug.” With this book I recommend scanning the lady bug pictures and showing the pictures as you read on a Projector screen.  This way the whole class can look for the lady bug as you read. Make sure you have the students to shout, (Yoo-Hoo Ladybug! Where are you?) before showing each picture.

Five little ladybugs are sitting on my finger

By Vicky Manning

  The first little ladybug red and sassy

    Flew off my finger and flew to Tallahassee.

      The second little ladybug red and feeling low

        Flew off my finger and flew to Tupelo.

          The third little ladybug red and a menace

            Flew off my finger and flew to Memphis.

              The fourth little ladybug orange and mighty

                Flew off my finger and flew to Hawaii.

                  The fifth little ladybug orange and snug stayed on my finger snug as a bug.

I Spied a Ladybug.

By Vicky Manning

Little ladybug I spied you

On the tree before you flew.

Fly over here will you please

I can’t follow up in the trees.

You can land upon my nose.

You can crawl down to my toes.

Ladybug Games

Ladybug Moves by Vicky Manning

  • Clear an area to make a life-size board game.
  • Take a roll of masking tape and make a square of squares. Make the squares large so the children can stand in them.
  • Give the first child a dice to roll.
  • After rolling the dice they are to take the number of steps shown on the dice.
  • You will have the instructions for the place they have landed.
  • Tell them what to do.
  • Give the dice to the next child.
  • The first child who gets their ladybug to her new home wins.

Ladybug Moves

Setting up the life size board game

Number each square in the Ladybug game.

Start at one corner to roll.

Decorate around the inside of the game with simple pictures (Use foam board for the pictures. Cut the board in half and make a slit in the bottom of each board. Take another board and cut short side across 2 inches wide.  Use the strips to anchor the pictures.

  • First picture draw a lady bug.
  • Second picture draw a cat in the tree.
  • Third picture draw a bullfrog on a log.
  • Fourth picture draw a broom with a ladybug on the bristles.
  • Fifth picture draw a window with a spider in the corner.
  • Sixth picture draw a dog chasing a cat.
  • Seventh picture a mail truck with a ladybug on it.

The first picture will be placed by Block #1.

The second picture will be placed by Block #4 (Tell the child they have landed in a tree with a cat and need to fly up one more block.)

The third picture will be placed by Block #9. (Tell the child to go back to block #3 before the bullfrog eats them up!)

The fourth picture will be placed by Block # 12. (Tell the child they have been swept to block #14.)

The fifth picture will be placed by Block #14. (Tell the child they have been spied by a spider and need to move back to Block #6.)

The Sixth picture will be placed by Block #15. (Tell the child they are taking a ride on the dog that is chasing the cat back to Block#4.)

The seventh picture will be placed by Block #18. (Tell the child they are riding on the mail truck to their new home, #20, and will become the winner.)

My game board has six blocks on each side.

Ladybug craft

You should be able to make copies and make the larger or smaller. If you can’t please comment and I will try to figure out why.

You will need a white paper bag to glue the ladybug on.

Flatten the bag and place the lady bug in the middle of the bag. Cut the bag around the wings. Use a black marker to draw and color in the face. Draw the antennas.

Ladybug dots for craft

Ladybug eyes

Ladybug body.

The finished craft


Today I am reading The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. I love to use a storyboard with this book. I can put up pictures of the things little bunny and his mother say they will become.

After the story take down the pictures and see if the students can remember what the little bunny says he will become and what the mother will do to find him.

Song and Fingerplay

Little Bunny on the Run (sing to I’m a Little Teapot tune)

By Vicky Manning

I’m a little bunny on the run.

Mommy can’t catch me I’m a fast one.

If she tries to find me I will hide,

Turn into a bird and fly seaside.

Little Bunny

By Vicky Manning

Little bunny with long white ears, (Make bunny ears with two fingers up)

Watch closely as he disappears. (Hide finger ears behind your back)

Little bunny with a powder puff tail, (Wiggle fingers behind lower back)

Watch closely as he reappears. (Bring finger ears back in front)

Group Games for Runaway Bunny Book

Hiding Bunnies

  • Have students stand in a circle holding hands. Pick one child to be the mommy bunny.
  • Student will walk around the circle touching each back and repeating carrot.
  • Student will shout out bunny.
  • The student whose back is touched on the word bunny will run after mommy bunny leaving the circle of hands broken in that spot.
  • Mommy bunny will run to the spot left by the student and hide inside the circle, and the circle of students will close up the gap by holding hands.
  • Play game until the students left holding hands can no longer fit all the bunnies in the circle.

Simon Says Hop Little Bunnies

  • You are Simon.
  • Tell them what to do and they will follow directions only if Simon says.
  • Simon says hop two times forward.
  • Simon says hop in circles.
  • Simon says hop over friends back.
  • Simon says hop to Simon.
  • Simon says hop to the left.
  • Simon says hop to the right.
  • Simon says eat a carrot.
  • Simon says hop as fast as you can.
  • Now you make up your own Simon says commands.

Bunny Craft

Bunny Craft (Glue a cotton ball on the back of bunny)

Dr. Seuss Theme

Every year I look forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday. “Green Eggs and Ham,” is my favorite story to read. This book is perfect for reader’s theater. Grab another teacher or you and your husband read the book together for a great story time experience.


Make copies of the blank hat from the game page. You can resize to fit middle finger of students.

Paint one middle finger red and press on hat with white spaces in between.  Less is better when painting finger. See picture below.

Finger Print Cat in the Hat Art


Dice Roll for Cat in the Hat Game

Cat in the Hat Game

  • Make commands for dice and paste inside.
  • Commands(Take one stripe from another team, Take all your teams stripes off, Take one stripe away, WIN, Take two stripes away, and Take one stripe away.
  • Cut out hat and stripes for each team.
  • Cut out a dice for each team.
  • Place hat and dice in front of teams.
  • Pick a team leader for each team.
  • The teams will roll the dice upon your command.
  • Follow the directions on the dice.
  • First team to fill their hat with stripes wins the game.

Scramble, Ramble

By Vicky Manning

You put a yellow egg in. ( use plastic Easter eggs or make believe)

You Take a green egg out.

You put a green egg in,

And you cook and shout. (uck!) (open up Easter egg and shake it)

You do the scramble ramble ( rotate fist in a stir motion)

And you eat it all up. (eating motion)

That’s what it’s all about!

You put a brown ham in. (hand in)

You take a green ham out. (hand out)

You put a green ham in, (hand in)

And you cook and shout. (uck!)

You do the sizzle swizzle, (wiggle fingers in the air)

And you eat it all up. (eating motion)

That’s what it’s all about.

Lost Cat by Vicky Manning

Oh where, oh where is the cat with the hat.

Oh where, oh where can he be?

A tall, tall hat and noisy is he,

Oh where, oh where can he be?

“It Came in the Mail,”by Ben Clanton

I can remember as a child wanting to get mail. The excitment of opening up a package, in my case was clothes from my grandmother in Memphis, and modeling my new dresses. Also my family received several Christmas cards and Birthday cards through the mail.

In this book a young boy also loved to get mail, but he never got any until one day he had an idea. “Dear Mailbox, I would like to get something in the mail. Something BIG! PLEASE! Love, Liam.”

When reading this book we will bring out the entertainer. Let’s make up a funny voice for Liam and use your voice for reading everything else in the book. Don’t panic here! We all have a voice we can change to make children laugh. Don’t be shy.

Make sure you read through your book several times before reading to your child or class. Practice your funny voice and have fun.

Mailbox craft
Stick Dragon Puppet

There’s a Dragon in my Mailbox (sung to “If Your Happy and You Know It”)

By Vicky Manning

There’s a dragon in my mailbox, oh my.

There’s a dragon in my mailbox, oh my.

There’s a dragon in my mailbox

And his wearing pants and grey socks.

There’s a dragon in mailbox, oh my.

Inside My Mailbox

By Vicky Manning

What’s hiding in the mailbox?

Shall we see?

    There is

        One bill for dad,

            One magazine for mom,

                One book for sister,

                    one package for brother, and

                        way back in the back is one angry bee!


  • Take a toy mailbox, (you can purchase a mailbox around Valentine’s Day in the holiday section,)

Put different items in a mailbox. Let each student have a chance to touch then guess what is inside the mailbox.

  • Take the same mailbox and give students a pile of different items to put in the mailbox. (Blocks, plastic toys, cotton balls, balls, or a few things you might pull out) Ask the question, how many of each items were you able to place in the mailbox and shut the lid?

Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival

“Perfectly Norman,” by Tom Percival is a story about a young boy who suddenly has a new part on his body, wings. This book teaches children being different is okay.

To bring the students into this reading experience with me, I have two movements words for them to listen for. The words are wings and coat. When they hear the word wings, (tell the students to flap their arms like a bird.) When they hear the word coat, ( tell the students to wrap their arms around themselves.)

After the story start over with the first page of the book and instead of reading talk about the pictures, the feelings, and what they think normal looks like.



By Vicky Manning

Oh I wished I had a colorful pair of wings.

Oh how happy I would be.

Because if I had a colorful pair of wings,

I could fly high up in a tree.

Oh I wished I had a colorful pair of wings.

Oh how fast I could be.

Because if I had a colorful pair of wings,

No one could fly faster than me.

Can you?

By Vicky Manning

Can you make a normal face?

Normal face, normal face

Can you make a normal face?


Can you laugh a normal laugh?

Normal laugh, normal laugh

Can you laugh a normal laugh?


Can you dance a normal dance?

Normal dance, normal dance

Can you dance a normal dance?


(Go ahead and make up your own normal)

Creating Memories while Reading to your Child

Hi, my name is Vicky and I look foward to bringing ideas each week to you. In in following weeks I hope to give you creative ideas to use while reading to your child. I will also have fun activities, crafts, and songs to go along with the book each week. Please check back each week to a new adventure.